Women and Tradition

Writing is a source of relaxation for me. I always used to think I can write only for myself. But of late, my dear friends Vaishali and Nishit has pushed my writing limits to level I had not imagined I could. Because of them, I have started thinking and writing in various other dimensions which I would not have otherwise done. Thank you so much, Vaishali and Nishit.
It has been a while since I have blogged but I have continued writing in other aspects. So effectively I have not missed writing but blogging has a different feel too. Therefore I am back.
A lot of changes have been happening in my life these days. Ganesha came and brought a lot of positivity in my life. It is not that I did not believe in The Secret before but now I am focusing on it more and more. When you want something desperately, the whole world converges to make your wish come true.
A few days back, a friend of mine had shared a trick with me. She had said if you want something really bad, wake up in the middle of the night, around 3 AM  and pray to God that you want something. When you wake up in the middle of the sleep, you have a lot of positive energy around you. So when you wish for something at that time, the positivism that envelops you takes up your wish and therefore, the chances of that coming true increases. I don’t know if it is true or not but then praying and communicating with God has always been a good thing to do and so I have been doing it ever since she told me.
Lately my grandparents have come to live with us. That means increased wisdom whenever you speak to them. It is a whole new genre of ideas you get from your grandparents about values, relationships, love etc. It is refreshing to know, understand and accept those.
The present day woman, although acknowledges, but do not understand the roots of tradition. We take it for granted and think tradition to be too out-dated. We are so busy becoming modern and living our lives like the West that we think of tradition as a road block for our success. (Disclaimer: This is just a generalised idea. Even I fall in this category. In case some female readers feel offended and do not consider themselves like this, please feel free to ignore this and read it in a third person perspective. Thank you) We hardly ever pause and think that these traditions which we are giving back seat are actually not as outdated as we think they are. In fact our Indian tradition has solved the matter of “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” ages back. It is just that over the time, people forgot why the rules are being followed. So today, most of the women in our previous generation follow various “traditions” because they have seen their previous generation follow them. They themselves do  not know the reason for that. 
We try to become modern and say we do  not believe in traditions. But we can always go back into history and understand why they were initiated in the first place. We have a lot of resources at our finger tips via Internet. We have a lot of books written by people who have researched all those traditions.
I recently found out, many of these traditions are very interesting and help us live a better life. These traditions when started were not rituals as our parents make them out to be. They were just options of way of living. A very simple example which every one might be knowing by now – Today our parents say we should go to temple to pray because God will help us overcome all the difficulties. Today we know there is no one sitting in the Heavens looking down to us and listening to our problems. But we also know that there is a ball of energy which surrounds us and we decide the inclination of that energy ball. If we want it to be positive, then we will be positive, attract positivity around us, make people around us happy and also manage to get everything we want by sheer will power and determination. But it the energy ball is negative, it will attract similar vibes from everyone around us. If you sit next to a person who is very angry, after some time, you will also start feeling angry and upset with life for no reason, It is the work of the energy ball.
Similarly there are many other “traditions” which are not traditions but a mere way of life which we are supposed to modify according to our needs and lifestyle. In the next blog I shall write about various tradition myths and what they were actually meant to do when they were started.
The other day I was reading a book “21 things every girl should know” by Sneha Mehta. (I would strongly recommend every single girl to read this book for herself and for the people around her. A guy can read this book to understand his women better. By women here, I meant all the women around him, be she his mother, sister, friend, girlfriend, wife, daughter, etc.) The entire book is about one thing and one thing alone. A woman holds the maximum power in any relationship for anyone around her. Every single thing that happens in this world, be it good or bad, is the result of a woman. Now many of us will think of it as added responsibility. “Why is only a woman the cause of everything? Are men sitting idle? Why can’t they be the cause of everything? Why does everything have to do with me?”
It is not like that. The fundamental meaning of this is that the world would be a better place if the Mother of the world would care more. If a child is given proper care and education by the mother, he or she will be a better citizen in future, maybe even become the President and serve the country. Otherwise, he or she will become an anti social element. God forbid such a person ever become the President. If a mother treats her son well, he will treat his wife well, thereby ending all the relationship issues. Bosses will be good, friends will be good, strangers will behave properly, so on and so forth, thus proving the statement that everything is caused by a woman. An entire Mahabharat war was fought just because Draupadi insulted Duryodhan. So history also supports this statement.
My female friends, whether you realise it or not, you wear the pants in any relationship you can think of right now – be it at home, at work, with your better half, with your children, with your friends, colleagues, anyone. You decide how anyone should treat you. You decide how people around you will be. You are the single person responsible for the situation you are in today – be it happy or not so happy. So if you are the driving wheel of everything in your life, why not steer it in the right direction and be happy? You have all the power in the world to make YOUR world a better place. There is only one thing that is missing. YOUR DETERMINATION.
Once you decide that you deserve the best and only the best, nothing can stop you from getting that best. Demand and Thou shallt Recieve. Be strong, be brave and go get your dream life. It is, as has always been, waiting for you to come take it. It is just one step away from where you are. Take that one step and grab the dream life you always wanted and most definitely deserve. Put in that extra effort in that one step and change your life to be more happy. 
You deserve happiness, girl, as does every one around you. And only you can do it. So go for it 🙂

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