Happiness is contagious. If you feel I am exaggerating or it is not true, try being around someone who is very happy. You will immediately start feeling happy. Everything around you feels positive suddenly. You think of various things which you had not thought of before. All these things are because you are happy. You are happy because you were around someone who is happy. And therefore, my point of happiness being contagious is proven. At such times, you feel it is so easy to be happy. When you are happy, the people around you also become happy. One person being happy results in an entire environment to be positive and joyful.
If being happy was so easy and so contagious and so positive, why is it that people are not as happier as they should be? Why do people find it utterly difficult to be so happy and so positive all the time? Why do we become negative and depressed and find it very hard to come out of it?
Happiness is a state of mind. There are certain incidents or events in life that will make you happy. But most of the time, it is your wish to be happy or not. Even when things around you do not happen according to how you want them to, you can still choose to be happy. The simple reason for this is that being happy is a matter of choice. 
We tend to think that happiness is something which is caused by others – be it other people or circumstances. We tend to think we can be happy only when something good happens to us. So when someone is happy for no reason, we tend to think that person is “cuckoo in the head” (this phrase is a dedication to a very special lady) 
Coming back to the topic, we do not feel that we can ever be happy until something really good happens to us. And even when something good does happen, we tend to prioritize and see if the happened incident is worth being happy or not. More often than not, we feel that it is not such a big event and that we should not be too happy about it as it will cause the bigger happy event to not happen. We think that if we are happy, we will jinx the happiness. 
Fortunately for those who want to be happy and are scared to be happy and unfortunately for those who do not like to be happy, being happy does not jinx the happiness. In fact, happiness is an internal energy generator. For those who know science (someone who has studied even 8th grade science will understand) will know a bit about magnetic field. When a metal piece is magnetically charged, it creates a magnetic field around it – the stronger the metal is magnetized, the larger area the field is spread.
The attraction polarity is, but, opposite to science. Happiness attracts happiness and misery attracts misery. So the larger your magnetic field of happiness, the more happiness you attract towards yourself. Also there is a difference between the feeling of happiness because of something or someone and being happy without any reason. Being happy without any reason has a stronger magnetic field than the happiness which has a cause. It is the same principle as the magnetic field of a magnet and the magnetic field of a magnetized object. A magnetized object will have magnetic field only as long as it is magnetized. A magnet will have magnetic field no matter what its surrounding circumstances are. 
So this is also established that not only happiness is contagious but it also has a stronger magnetic field when it is self induced. Then why do people not understand it? It is not like this is the first time anyone has said these things. There are many books written about happiness and how to be happy. There are many self help books on happiness. Then why do people choose to be unhappy? 
The only reason for the world wide unhappiness is that we base our happiness on anything external to us. There are n numbers of reasons for our unhappiness. You ask any random person “How are you?” and very rarely do you get a positive reply stating they are happy, or at least trying to be. 
We are never happy with ourselves – the way we look, the dress we wear, the place we work, our bosses, our bank balance, our family, our relationship, our kids, our home, everything. We are never happy with anything. If we do not have a job, we want a job. If we have a job, we are not happy with the boss. If the boss is good, the salary is not good. If the salary is good, our relationship is not good. If the relationship is good, then there is no future to it, and so on and so forth. 
Why do we have to base our happiness on acceptance by others? Why cannot we be happy by the way we are? Why cannot we love ourselves? The more we change for others, the more dissatisfied we will be with life. We want a better paying job because our neighbor’s son/daughter has it. We want to buy a house because someone from our office recently bought one. We want to be fair because the person next door is very fair. 
What we do not understand is that we are unique. Every single person is unique. We are the way we are for a reason. We have a purpose in life which can be achieved only by being how we are. But we change ourselves. We change ourselves for our parents, for our partners, to be accepted in certain groups where we want recognition, for our kids etc. 
If we try and like ourselves for what we are, then we will see ourselves to be the wonderful person that we truly are. When we accept ourselves for who we are, we will find that there are very less things that we need to be happy. We have everything right here with us. The things we do not have today are those which we do not need. When we need them, we will automatically either have them or find ways to have them. 
This is how the Universe functions. Whatever we have right now are exactly that which we require to be happy. If in spite of that, we are not happy, then it is because of our greed. If a crow tries to be a swan then how will the decaying things be cleaned? There is a reason crows exist in our ecosystem as there is for swan. Every living thing has a reason for existence. Similarly every single one of us exists for a reason. 
Happiness is our state of mind. It will be very easy to be happy if we are content in life. Being happy is your own responsibility. No one else can be responsible for it. Nothing else should determine whether you should be happy today or not.

Give it a try one day. When you wake up in the morning, think no matter what, you will be happy. No matter what news you get, or how anyone treats you or what happens around you, you shall be happy. You shall smile and not only from the outside but from inside. Say “thank you” to every person who does something for you – be it the taxi driver who has dropped you at your work place or the office boy who gives you coffee or something else, or the gate keeper who opens the door for you. Make it a point to say “thank you” to every single person no matter who that person is, whether you know that person or not, what the person has otherwise done to you. Try it for one day. How difficult can it be??
Being thankful, saying “thank you” to random people for even the tiniest act of kindness makes the other person happy too. And trust me when I tell you this, you being thankful makes you feel great about yourself too. When you feel great about yourself for such small things, you will automatically feel happy. Try out this small experiment and know for yourself how easy it is to be happy in life. 
Being happy is really easy if you give it a try from the heart. If you do it for yourself, you will see the instant change in you and your own mood. Spreading happiness is even easier but only if you manage to do the first step of being happy yourself. No matter what happens in life, it will always be bearable when you focus on the positive aspect of it. This will also help you find a solution to the issue which you wouldn’t otherwise have found when you were getting depressed over it. Being happy makes you calm. Being calm gives you the strength to face issues confidently and come out of it quickly and successfully. Being happy has got many advantages for you and for the people around you. 
Life is not made up of ordinary and extra ordinary people. Life is made up of ordinary people who does extra ordinary things. Anyone can do extra ordinary things. To do extra ordinary things, all you have to do is feel that you can do extra ordinary things. And to feel it, you have to believe you are an extra ordinary person. Yes!! You heard it right. You are an extra ordinary person. You do not deserve an ordinary life. You deserve an extra ordinary life. But you will not get it by just sitting and wishing for it. You have to work a bit towards it. And the work starts from believing that you can. 
Believe and you get it. You know why? Coz you are extra ordinary. You are the best the way you are. You are born to be special. Believe. Just believe.


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