Life so far

Everyone at every point of their life, plans for future things. Ideally, we should be living in the present but that is a very rare occasion. It may be as small as what to eat next, whether to move from our current position or not, what to drink, who to call, who to text to major decisions like where I am going in my life, how is my relationship with a particular person or people going and so on. Everyone plans something or the other all the time. Most of the times those plans are about ourselves. But sometimes those plans involve another person. In those moments, we predict the other people involved in the plan to act in certain way, say certain words, do certain things, go certain place or so on. What we do not foresee in these situations are that the other people in our future plans have plans of their own. When we plan for them, we are shutting off their independent planning ability.

Mythology says our lives are already planned ahead of us and that whatever we are planning for ourselves is just “Maya”. That may or may not be true. You can never be sure of that. Sometimes we plan for something and focus on it so much that it comes true. At other times, our plan fails and we do not understand how it went down the proverbial rabbit hole. We blame fate. We say we were not destined for it. But after some time, a small voice in the back of our head says maybe, just maybe we did not try hard enough. Maybe, just maybe we just did not want it to happen and that is why it did not happen. Sometimes what we want comes true and even then we question our desires. Did we really want what we got? Should we have gone for the other alternative? Should we have just quit when we were not sure? There is always an opportunity cost.

Human beings are never happy. We always desire only that which we do not have. And we have this horrible nature of planning for our loved ones too. We are the only people sensible to know what is good for others. And if they do not follow our plan, then according to us, they are bound to be in hell for eternity – either theoretically or actually. Not only are we never sure of what we want, but we are extra sure of what others want. Human beings live a very difficult life. Never do we go with the flow.

We never consider the possibility that we can go with the flow. When someone does something which we do not like, we do not pause and think that maybe, just maybe this is what THEY want, that they have a life which is independent to themselves and that we cannot rule another person’s life even if we are definitely 100% sure that we and only we are right. The same goes to our lives too. When something happens in our lives, when one door of opportunity shuts, we look so far at the closed door that we do not see the door which has opened up for us – as said by Helen Keller. We refuse any other opportunity because that is not what we wanted. We persist so much for our missed opportunity and in the process, lets go of the paradise that could have been. 

All of us have two parts in ourselves – our ego and the small voice in the back of our heads. Majority of us 99% of times follow our ego. We listen to what would make us right in front of others. Even if on second thoughts we may be wrong, very few of us ever wish to accept our fault. How can I ever be wrong? No, I am always right. It is always the other person who is wrong. We continue to ignore that small voice. Initially, it echoes in our heads. But gradually, as we keep on ignoring it, the sound gets smaller and smaller till we convince ourselves that whatever we did is right and the small voice which is silent now is wrong.

Human beings have evolved from apes over thousands of years ago. We developed our opposable thumbs and there are a ton of vestigial organs in our body which over the years to come, might disappear altogether. Sometimes when I sit and think, I feel that small voice in our head might also disappear. We spend almost all our lives suppressing that voice. We keep ignoring it. That is what we did to our appendix. And now see where that brought us.

We are growing to be more ego centric and less of the species we were supposed to be. Ages ago, it was said, the more knowledge a human has, the better he knows how to serve the society. Today, it is seen that the more knowledge a person has, the better he tries to bend the rules and make others bend down to him.

Today “humanity” is a meaningless word. It no longer exists. People have stopped helping each other. Today, another human being exists only so that he or she can make you feel better about yourself. A friend is someone who praises you and always helps you win. Friend cannot be ahead of you or be more successful than you. If so, they are your competitors and not friends. A child is someone who always fulfills the destiny you chose for them. Children cannot have dreams of their own. If so, they are thankless people who does not care for their parents. Subordinates are someone who should do your work and never take credit for them. Otherwise they are fired. Men are afraid to be chivalrous and women are afraid to be feminine. The examples can go on and on and the struggle for power has reached unthinkable limits.

My blog is just a place where I write what I feel. There is very little or literally nothing I can do to change this and bring in more humanity. I can just write here what I feel. So this is what I feel about all this.

Why do we have to go for power struggle? Yes, I understand that the ball had been set in motion a long time ago and today people fight only to survive and not to start it. But when there is an option, when you can take a chance and avoid such fights, why not listen to that small voice at the back of your head and follow what it says for a change? 

It will be a sad day if that voice decides to stop speaking one day. That voice is our subconscious and whether we want to believe it or not, it is always ever right. We fear to follow it only because we do not like to be proven wrong in what we are doing or did. But the fact remains that we cannot be right all the time. The fact remains that human beings are more susceptible to being wrong and committing mistake than any known species in this Universe.

Now just take a pause and think. Think what would happen if we listen to it. Think what would happen if we were just to accept that we are wrong. Sometimes, it is OK to be wrong. Sometimes, just listen to that inner voice. Sometimes, it is better to look at what we have and work with it than to sit and mop on what we do not have. Maybe what we have is much better than what we hoped to have. 

At times, when you know you cannot do anything than to accept what you feel is the most horrible thing that can happen to you, just go with the flow. Maybe it all ends well. Maybe, just maybe, you will start to like it this way. Sunny side up may not be the only way you can have your eggs. Sometimes scrambled might just taste heavenly. Why don’t you just try it once? Just close your eyes and take the first bite…


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