Past, present and Future

Everything that happens around us affects us in some way or the other. The things we read, the people we meet, the things we say, the way they react to us, the situations we come across, the emotions we feel, everything affect us.  We are a product of our ambience in so many different ways than we can imagine.
We are taught to take only good things from whatever happens around us. But it is not always possible. Sometimes we are left to wonder what really is good. Sometimes there are situations which make you doubt your concept of good and bad. We are taught there are only two sides of a coin – either someone is right or wrong. There is no middle way. But is it really so? Is it true that the world is only divided into black and white? Is there really no grey in between?
Today, we know that grey does exist. It all depends on the shades of grey we are looking into. Here I do not mean the novel Fifty shades of grey. Here, I am just implying to the actual situations in life. Many times, there comes a situation when an apparent mistake committed may be criminal in someone’s opinion and at the same time may not be so grave for someone else. An example I can think of here is divorce. Once upon a time divorce as a word or deed did not exist. Today, it is taken very casually among people. Things which earlier would have be sorted by two people discussing or even fighting over it, today has become a cause of breaking a home apart and scarring the children involved for life.
Why are there so many broken homes today? Why is the society so different from what it was a few decades ago? There are a lot of factors in play here – technological advancements being one of them, and westernization also playing its part somewhere.
Expectations have increased but at the same time, the tolerance threshold has decreased drastically. We have so much lower tolerance level today than our previous generation. Our ideas of ideal life is coloured by the ones we see in movies or read in mills and boons or in tabloids. Our concept of God has changed from the Omnipresent ones to the ones present on screen. The gospel location has changed from in the temples to on the headlines of page 3.
We want our lives to be like a fairy tale but a single obstacle in sight and we run for the door. The parents today know a bit too much about the world there is today and go over-board with trying to protect their children. Sometimes these over protection only end up confusing them and creating an illusion of the world in extreme (either much better or worse than it really is) thereby creating an inverse reaction to their intention.
The duration of marriage these days has decreased a lot. Earlier, even without so much mode of communication and transportation, the relationships lasted longer and were stronger. People were closer to each other in spite of the distances. Today, the distance between places has decreased but the distance between two hearts has increased a lot. It is a lot more difficult to maintain a relationship even if communication happens by the second. The only reason is trust. Earlier it was easier to trust people. Today it is a lot more difficult to trust even yourself. A simple act of learning to trust, first yourself then others will decrease a whole lot of issues between people.
We try to learn the rights and wrongs from our previous generation but the times have changed a lot since then and the age old rights and wrongs, we eventually realise, no longer apply today. So where are we? What does apply today? Times are changing. But that does not mean we forget our values. There are things we can learn from technology but there are also things to avoid. Westernization is good but that does not mean everything they do must be followed with our eyes closed.
We have spent our childhoods listening to or reading about Akbar Birbal or Panchatantra. We may be the last generation to do. The next generation, the children today spend their times watching Doremon and cartoons like that. Having not seen those cartoons myself, I just hope they give out the same values we used to get watching the cartoons we did. Obesity among kids have increased to a far greater rate than our times because of the introduction of PlayStation. Every child wants that as their birthday gift and once they have it, they no longer go out to play. Sports are being restricted to only on screen. Falling down and bruising your knee seems to have gone out of fashion today.
We see a vast difference in our previous generation, our generation and the generation coming up. There are a lot of good things for us and the next generation but there are difficulties too. We may never be able to lead the lives our parents lead. But that should not stop us from leading a meaningful life.
Technology and communication can be used to strengthen relationships. Spreading love is a very easy act. A whole of issues can be sorted by loving other fellow living things – be it human beings or even nature. Over use of natural resources has led to an upcoming calamity of shortage. If we could just love Mother Nature as much as we love our salary and our possessions, our future generation will not have to live wearing oxygen masks.
Comparisons and improvements can go on and on. But it is what you believe at the end of the day what matters. Do you think the comforts are worth the harm? Do you think overuse of technology is worth it? Would it make so much of a difference if you could just come home, switch off the gadgets and spend time with your family members? Why not just not think of work for a change and spend time trying to improve your relationship with your partner or your parents or your children? After all who are you earning for if you do not have someone to enjoy the money? Would it matter so much if you just take the public transport to work instead of the car? Is it so difficult to just open the window at night and sleep instead of turning on the air conditioner? Try not to take a print out and just save the email you just received in the folder.
One person cannot change the world. That is true. But if everyone thinks like that, then the world would never change. So why not believe you can change and world and start with the act? Someone might look at you and learn from you. Two more people will learn from that someone. Ten other people will see the two people working for a better future. Why not let your action speak? Try it once. It may or may not work. But no harm in trying.
Times have changed. It is time to acknowledge the change and instead of ignoring, trying to understand the world we are creating. Just because you do not care does not mean it is not happening. So why not contribute to a better world for tomorrow?


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