Mind – An Ocean

Most of you, in fact I will go out a limb and say all of you, at some point or the other, have travelled by air. Many times, I am sure, these trips have gone over the ocean. All of you, at some point or the other, have looked down from an air plane and seen the vast ocean at its magnanimity – the calmness it generates, the soothing it effect it has on our mind, the gentleness in spite of the vastness has impressed and inspired us all in some way or the other. The ocean paints a very pretty picture when seen from the above – from a distance. Now, consider another point of view. Some of you have actually gone into the ocean at some point of time in their lives. Many others, like me, have seen the ocean at a close point on various shows on the television.

The ocean on the surface has a lot of ripples. It seems in constant, peaceful motion. You take a dive inside and you feel the presence of millions of life underneath in every possible shape and form. You see a world apart from the world under the ocean. But come to the surface and again the ocean is in constant motion with its ripples and small, bouncing waves, peaceful and without any show of the life within. Now, to a third perspective, when you are standing at the shore, you see the waves coming. Some are small waves, while some are enormous waves at the distance. But when they come meet the shore, they all come as a kiss to the shore and back out as peacefully as they have come.

Did you learn anything from the ocean till now? If you ask your grandparents, they will say that the entire world resides in our human body, philosophically. Today, I am taking a leaf from their page and making a study on the ocean by comparing it our mind. How similar is our mind to the ocean! The vastness of it signifies our knowledge. Any common man knows so many things about so many stuff. Sometimes, we misjudge while categorizing people as educated and uneducated. Agreed that there are people who are not formally educated. But there is never an uneducated person in this entire world. Education is knowledge, and every human being possesses knowledge in some way or the other. The older the person is, the more knowledge they have, and therefore the vastness of the ocean can very properly signify the knowledge.
Taking a closer look, it can be seen that the ripples adorned on the surface of the ocean is very similar to the thoughts we have in our mind. Some ripples are so small that they die off, very similar to some thoughts. Some ripples develop to become waves which hit the shores, which is again a similarity. Thoughts are like small ripples that form in our mind. Every minute, every second so many thoughts come to our mind. On any given day, there are thousands of such ripples formed in our mind. Some thoughts are meaningless and so we ignore them and they die off. Some other thoughts create an impression on our mind. They develop to form ideas. Ideas slowly form a plan of its own and they become an entity to be transferred to the world in some way or the other.
Aside from having thoughts, our mind also does many other functions like sending out signals to perform each and every function in our body. Scientists have said that these neurological impulses appear very magical to see, like flashes of electricity within our brain. All this happen without our knowing it. This is the life that lives in our mind – the life that helps us lead our life with ease. There are also so many things we keep hidden from the world in our mind. It all resides safely and quietly in the recesses of the ocean. 
In spite of all this vastness and life within, the waves of the ocean comes to the shore with humbleness and peace. Even with its unbelievable expanse and being the primary provider of life, it still is a symbol of peace and calm when observed from above. That is how we are supposed to lead our lives. We have grand knowledge at our disposal. Our personalities have vast depth. We have a large amount of untapped potential in us. We, and I mean every single human being, is capable of living their lives in an unbelievable, outstanding success. But that should only lie within us for us to know. To anyone outside us, we should be extremely humble and gentle. Our softness and humility should work to show the world of our vastness, just like we look from the shore to the ocean and see its vastness. A large amount of waste is deposited into the ocean every day. But the ocean takes it all and still maintains its life within. Similarly, even if there is a vast amount of negativity surrounding us, we should overlook them all and maintain the balance of positivity and humility within us. Irrespective of how the people around us are, we should always follow the path of our heart and remain true to ourselves. We do not live for anyone else but for ourselves.
But just like good things, there are similarities of our mind with the ocean which are bad too. Ever heard of Tsunami? Of course you have. No matter which part of the world you live in, tsunami has come into your life, hopefully only by way of news. Tsunami happens when an earthquake happens under the ocean bed. That creates an enormous wave which just keeps on growing. Forgive me if the technicalities are wrong or misguided as I did not study much on how Tsunamis are formed. But my point here is that there are some gigantic waves like that, which gets contained in the ocean itself. Some ships or boats, if they get trapped in it, are the only lives they take. Some take the form of a whirlpool, but they are again contained in the ocean itself. But some keeps on collecting till they become Tsunami waves and hit the shores, creating destruction in the most terrible way.
How different is human mind from such incidents? When some incidents creates earthquakes in us, ripple like thoughts develop and grow. Sometimes they are just whirlpool, visible only to those very near to us. They get contained by our control and does not create harm to anyone. But sometimes, they grow. The emotion takes the form of tsunami waves. These emotions may be in any form ranging from anger to jealousy, insecurity, doubt, cruelty, anything. These thoughts destroy everything that we have so carefully created around us. These tsunami thoughts wreck a havoc in our systematic lives. The after effect is always unbearable, both to us and the people affected.
But does it have to be that way? We say human beings are the most intelligent of all species. When I say our mind is like an ocean, do we have to take in the negative of any aspect too, along with the positive? Human mind, it is said, can predict and prevent some of the natural phenomenon. Then why not take a leaf from that and jump over the monstrosity of the ocean? We are very much capable of controlling our minds. Negative emotion is a natural thing. It can never be erased. But it can most definitely be controlled. One way of controlling a negative emotion is by channeling it in a way that would be productive. Hindi movies show how an angry young man went on to create an empire and become successful. The desire to prove ourselves to the world is the biggest motivating factor for all the success in the world. So when consumed by a negative thought, we can and should direct it prove ourselves in a way as to negate those negativities.

A human mind has tremendous untapped potential. It is said that an average human mind is used only up to 2% of its original capacity. Why not try and tap a few decimals more? Impossible itself spells “I m possible”. Being positive and keeping a control on our thoughts will help us lead a life very much similar to the ocean. Then it will be the world’s turn to awe at the person you have become. 
Be the person even you would be proud of. And see what becomes of that.

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  1. Juhi Magodia says:

    Superb…Keep writing!!


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