New Year Resolution

Today is the last day of 2013. Another year has come to an end. It had its ups and downs as usual. The earth finished one complete round around the sun. I completed one year of blogging and 13 years of writing. All of us have grown one year older, and hopefully wiser. It is time to reflect upon our previous year – the happiness, the joy, the mistakes, the sorrow, new people who came in to our lives, old people who left our lives, some worth remembering, some to be left in 2013 itself and never to look back, the places we visited, the adventures we had, the stories we heard, some which we created ourselves, which all finally comes down to memories. It is time to reflect upon our memories of the year.
It is also time for resolutions. These resolutions normally are a direct result of the above said memories. If we had a good experience doing something, we vow to do it again. If we had a bad experience doing something else, we vow to not do it again. Like, someone put on a lot of weight coz they ate a lot. So the New Year resolution would be to exercise. Someone worked a lot and hence forgot important birthdays or anniversaries, thereby creating rough patches with loved ones. So the resolution comes to spend more time with the loved ones. And so on. The resolutions always revolve around the memories and the desire to make things right next year. But everyone knows how far the desire goes. I was just going through Facebook a while back and saw a lot of posts on unaccomplished and even untouched resolutions which are bound to be reused this year which will, most of the time, end the same way as last year.
Why does this happen? For that, let us try and answer the question “What is a Resolution?” A resolution is a promise you make to yourself so that you become a better person in your life. A promise to yourself so you become a better person. Resolutions happen when you feel that you lack something and you want to make up for it. It does not happen when someone tells you that you need to develop a habit to make yourself better. It needs to come from you. Today, the most common resolution of working out more is more often than not taken coz someone told you that you are looking fat or that you need to pull down. But you love to eat. You have not felt the need to work out. But only because that someone told you, you have taken up that resolution.
The desire to do or not do something should come from you and you alone. Someone telling you to do things will never be a source of inspiration for you. Today, it is very common for the society to dictate what you should do or not do in life. Of course man is a social animal and needs to adhere to the societal norms. But does that mean you lose your individuality and become someone else for the society? Thinking of this has brought a very funny but really thought provoking thing to my mind. The other day I was watching the cartoon movie “Tangled”. There is a song in the movie where Rapunzel goes to a den full of thugs and encourages them to tell her about their dream. Those dreaded thugs had the sweetest dreams – one wanted to become a mime, one wanted to sing, one wanted to dance and so on. None of them wanted to steal and rob people. They had different ideas about themselves in life. They all wanted to do better things in life. Try to find it on YouTube. I think the song is called “I have a dream”. It is a very nice and inspiring song.
Very few of us today are doing what we really like to do. As children, most of us are said that we are supposed to live life a certain way, have some defined occupation and therefore study some particular predefined courses, dress a certain way, speak a certain way and conduct ourselves in a certain way. Some of us are lucky enough to explore and get into what they wanted in life. But most of us are scared. We are scared because the field we like may or may not be successful. Our interests may not yield money the way the conventional job gets. We are scared of being an entrepreneur because no one in our family has done it before or we have seen families undergoing huge loses or any other reasons. The society demands that you have a stable job and be settled for life. Taking risks is looked upon and frowned and therefore not encouraged. Today, of course, the times have changed. Many people are breaking the mold and setting up new trends. But then again, it is few and so far in between.
A while back, I was reading a blog on Women’s Web about Indian restrictions. The author was saying about the way Indian children are raised, in contrast to the children abroad. Outside, children are given the freedom, right from childhood, to explore all the avenues and understand what really suits them. Then they pursue what they like and grow in life. Whether they chose the right path or have to go back and start again, it is all on them. They are given the freedom to make mistakes and learn. Here in India, children are very much protected by the parents. Out of immense love for their child, the parents do not want them to make any mistakes in life and therefore, sometimes, end up choosing the life for their kids in a way they feel would be good. The children end up getting stunted growth. A fear for making mistakes develop and that stops them from taking any risks in life.  I have read the same in Sudha Murthy stories too. A quote which I loved by Sudha Murthy, would suit here “A child should have strong roots and equally strong wings”
The Speaking Tree of 29th December 2013 stated that people live their lives 8 days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Someday. Most of our work happen on the eighth day. We always tend to keep our hobbies or luxuries for the eighth day. But just like as shown in the calendar, that day never comes and we end up postponing things like that much deserving vacation trip indefinitely. Why do we postpone things which we know we should do? That business we wanted to start, that course we wanted to take, that hobby class we wanted to attend, that book we wanted to write since a very long time, is always kept for the eighth day. Why? Why are we denying ourselves that bit of satisfaction we know we will get only if we would start it? And who knows? Tomorrow we can be the role model for others just because we took that first step in spite of the pull back.
Today, on the last day of the old year, I wish to convey this message to all to break the mold. Life is short. All of us have many dreams which we are looking to accomplish someday. Most of us have not even started to work on those dreams. We are looking for the right time to start. Let me tell you something. There is no time which is more perfect than the present time, because the present time is with you. The past is gone, and you have not seen the future. But today is with you and that is why it is called “present (gift)”. Someone of us, like me, spent our lives thinking we do not have an aim in life. That is never true. Everyone has a liking for a particular thing. Maybe that liking is suppressed by the society. Look inside you. Understand who you are. You are an individual, who is unique. There is no one like you. There may be people who look like you, but there is no one in this world who is exactly like you. You are unique and you have a talent. Look inside you and find that talent. Nurture it and let it grow. 
On this eve of New Year, take a Resolution to be true to yourself. Take a vow to find that thing which brings you immense joy and pursue it. Do what you love or you will be forced to love what you do. You have only one life. Live it on your terms. Be happy. Do what you love, even if it is only for an hour a day. The joy that gives is beyond description. You deserve it. Wish you a Happy New Year.

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2 Responses to New Year Resolution

  1. Let this article inspire people to sensibly forget the unwanted limits and LIVE!!!
    Happy New year devi!!


  2. devi nair says:

    Thank you so much, Sisira. Your lovely words are very encouraging. Wish you a very Happy New Year too 🙂


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