As you sow… so shall you reap!!!

This is a post I had written some time back when I was going through some trouble. But for some reason I did not post it. So now here it is, sharing the lessons I had learnt through my adversity for the world.
It has been quite some time since I have written something. In face it has been exactly ten days since I have written something. These ten days have been very valuable to me. Since my last post, a lot of things have happened in my life. I have gone through all the possible feelings and emotions in just these ten days. When I say emotions, I mean all the extreme ones like intense love, hatred, anger, depression, everything. There were times when I thought I have fallen into a pit and never coming out of it. I considered myself doomed.
For some reason, my own words, which I had been preaching about positivity, refused to come to me. That is when I realised it is easier to preach than to follow. Then, after 5 days of going through terrible mood swings, one day I thought, “Why not try to put all those thoughts which I write into use?” I have experienced everything and my life shall be doomed only if I give it the permission to be doomed. I did not want to live a dependent life. I decided to take control of my life and follow my own words and everything I have written in my blog.
That day, I got up from my negative state of mind, and started writing. I wrote on how happy I was and how everything was going perfectly. It was very difficult, trust me, to be positive when nothing positive was happening. So, I decided that writing positive was better than thinking positive. I wrote in my diary all those things which would make me happy. I wrote all those things like they were happening at that time. I wrote all good things in present tense. After about an hour, I managed to write ten good points in the present tense which would definitely make me happy had they been happening at the point of time. The time it took me to write ten good things shows my state of mind at that point.
And miracles started happening immediately. My life improved. Circumstances around me improved. Although I did not get all those ten points immediately, things started happening of which some points of the ten came true and situations started arising which ensured that other points too are on their way to me. Things improved drastically and my life came back into my control once again. I decided I need an instant rehab for all the negativity in my head and I downloaded The Power and The Magic immediately.
I was on a serious rehab for 5 days, thinking nothing but positive thoughts. And whenever I could not think positive thoughts, I used to meditate, just focus on my breathing and praying whenever it feels a lot to take. These ten days I realized a lot of stuff. We are who we think we are. If we think we are not capable of dealing with the issues happening in our lives, then we will never be able to deal with them. If we feel our life deserves issues, then we shall never be void of them. If we feel other people (let that be our parents, colleagues, friends, partners anyone) control our lives, then that will be the scene all our lives. We shall never be independent of these things as we ourselves make us dependent on situations and people.
Whatever happen in our lives are a result of our own thoughts. Nothing is ever coincidental, whether we accept it or not. What we think happen to us. That can be anything that we think. For example, I did not like my job. I used to constantly say that I want a job change. And in the past few days, I managed to lose my job. I always said I wanted time to read and write and that I never get time to do things I want to do. And here I am sitting at home, doing exactly that. There are many other examples of how I wanted some things to happen and they happened exactly like I wanted, although not in the same scenario as I expected it to happen. Thereby, confirming my statement, and the statement of many other positive thinkers that our thoughts make our reality. There are no coincidences in life.
There also actually exists that magnetic field around your body, as I had said in my previous blog. That magnetic field actually exists, and it does get energized depending upon what you are thinking and attracts like forces to you. When I was thinking everything negative, only negative things used to happen to me, which made me more depressed. But then I started writing and thinking positive things and good things started happening to me. Good people started coming in my life and telling me all encouraging stories and things. I started being happy in spite of everything. Now things do not affect me like it used to do a few days back.
There is another thing I realised. Life as we see it is an illusion. There is no reality involved. What we feel is real, is actually not. What we feel is things which will make us happy or sad are actually just things which really do not matter. We make them matter because we want them to matter. It is all about what we want and not what actually is. As it is said “Every cloud has a silver lining”, sometimes we do not see it. But it always there, no matter what we want to believe, everything has a silver lining in it somewhere.
Now when I say the world is an illusion, you will not believe it. But please let me prove it to you. We know that everything we see around us, every object, every living thing, every human being is made up of particles. Every particle is made up of molecules. Every molecule is made up of atom. Now every person who has studied science in their 8th grade know that every atom is made up of a nucleus in centre and some number of electron revolving around it. Rest all is space. So when you agree to my above statement, you also agree that the electrons are revolving. That means they are in constant motion. But the object, the living thing, your pet, your chair, your computer, hey, even yourself is solid, not moving.
Another thing is that these atoms are made up of a nucleus, some electrons and lots of space in between them. if an atom has a lot of space in between them, then why are all the objects solid in appearance? You do not see through any of these things. Well, now you can be a smart ass and say that these spaces are so minuscule that you cannot see. However you do agree that everything is porous. Everything is porous but you cannot see it.
Now let me try one more time, if all this still doesn’t sit well with you. Everyone who remember elementary science know that any object absorbs all the colour but one. And the colour which is so emitted is the colour which we see. So the pen in front of you is not red in colour. It absorbs all the colour but red. So technically it is all the colours but red. However we see only red and therefore it is red in colour. If we ask a dog about the colour of that pen, provided dogs can speak, it would say it is grey in colour. That is because dogs are colorblind. So in reality, what is the true colour of that pen? You do not know.
That is the reality where we are living. Nothing is real. Everything that we see around are how we want them to be. The reality is our perception of reality. At every given moment, there is a parallel universe happening right next to us which has everything that we always wanted. The only thing that is stopping us from living in that perfect world is our own thoughts which make us feel we are not worthy of having our dreams come true or good things happening to us.
It is our road block which is stopping us from having all the happiness, success and comfort in life. The moment we let go of our road block, we shift paradigm and go into that parallel universe where our dreams are our reality and whatever we always wanted has come true. Whatever people think about you, or say to you is not true unless you want them to be true. It is like a ball being bounced to a person or to a wall. When you bounce a ball to another person, the person catches it. But when you bounce it to a wall, you get it back. It is up to you to decide whether you want to be a person to the bounced ball or the wall. Your attitude and thinking defines you.
You can always be that millionaire that you wanted to be, or that supermodel with that perfect figure, or a writer or be with your special someone, anything that you want, as long as you believe you can. Magic happens whenever you want it to happen. But it depends on how desperately you want it to happen and how much persistent you are in wanting what you want. If you are persistent enough and if you are desperate enough to get what you want, nothing can ever stop you from getting it. That is how The Universe works. The Universe always gives you what you want as long as you are willing to believe that you deserve it.
If you encounter issues on the way, that is only because you let yourself stray away from your goal. You did not think you deserved it. Or maybe you thought you wanted to prove you deserve it. Either way, issues will happen on the way only till you want them to happen. As soon as you accept that you deserve your dream and that you are worthy of getting it, you shall get it. Everything is in your head.
Patience, determination and persistence will get you anything and everything. But it is up to you to decide if there is something to be determined and persistent about. May you find that thing in life if you don’t have it already, coz that thing is what we canon “DREAM”

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