Inter-dependence, Independence and Co-dependence

Sometimes, the smallest of a conversation, a hint of a sound just heard in passing, a tiny word you read somewhere forgot and suddenly remembered can give you an idea which will force you to ponder for hours and hours together. You never realize how your mind works. Sometimes I feel like saying “Our mind has a mind on its own”. It takes even you by surprise at times. Mind is as deep as an ocean. And the ideas generated by it are, at times, even deeper.
Some time back, I was discussing with a friend on a mutual favorite author, Dan Brown. The topic went from various technological advancements he had mentioned in his book to the technological theories we could formulate ourselves. Dan Brown is a writer who writes well ahead of his times. People who have read his books will agree that his ideas are out of the realms of current scientific world. The thing we were discussing is the notion of measuring the emotional happiness quotient of humanity on any given day. “What is it?” did you say? “How is it possible” did you think? “Oh it is just a book of fiction. Anyone can write anything and get away with it” did you feel? Oh, my dear readers! Alas! You are all wrong. (I loved the Shakespearean melodrama here. Sue me for being a purist at times)
We google things every day, sometimes, even, multiple times a day. Every one of us knows that google does not keep anything private. Everything that we google is recorded somewhere in their database. Now imagine – if we were to measure the total number of times any person googles and find out how many times the words entered to search were positive words and create a percentage, can we not figure out his/her happiness quotient in his/her lifetime? Yes it is a bit too far-fetched, but you cannot deny that, with a bit of fine tuning and scientific mumbo jumbo, this thing can be actually possible. And if the happiness quotient of one person can be found out in this way, cannot the happiness quotient of a whole city, country, nation or even the race of humanity be found out, just as easily, by extrapolation?
The idea given in the book really has made me think a lot on it. This happiness quotient can be used to profile dangerous people in any place. It can be used to help people who are ill. A red-alert for google-searched-words related to suicide can help save people’s lives. So many things can be done by the proper utilization of a monitoring which, everyone knows happens with all of us. And the thoughts went on to the present nature of Earth.
As I said before, our mind is so vast. We are the only species who can harness the power of brain for the betterment of the society. We have the imaginative and analytical power to make miracles happen around us. But what we end up doing is something which is, unfortunately, opposite to what is expected from us. We have taken our intellect for granted and using it against the very sources on which we are dependent on for survival. We take it for granted that we are invincible and everything else can be replicated as per our wishes and interests. The count of human race is exploding at an exponential rate, which is resulting in subsequent decrease in everything else that is not human – read trees, animals, birds, mountains, rivers, lakes, every imaginable source of natural resources, even oxygen.
The ever increasing population has resulted in encroaching forest areas and thereby, depleting the count of wild animals around. Today lions, tigers, are near extinct species. Very soon, we will only be able to show pictures of wild animals to our kids. These are the common names mentioned here. If you google “animals extinct due to human” you will be saddened to know that many species are extinct due to excessive poaching and hunting. There are many trees that are extinct because of cutting out of forests and other things. Decrease in trees results in decrease in oxygen. We may not realize this now but very soon we will, and then it will be far too late. Over use of natural resources like petrol, diesel etc. has resulted in, not only increase in their prices (which every one of us is aware of and affected by), but also reducing the life span of total natural resources on earth. There is a subsequent shift to alternative energy sources today. But the rate of growth of alternative energy resource utilization is not nearly enough to keep the fossil fuels from depleting at an accelerated rate.
The excess fossil fuel use also has another calamity creation by increasing the rate of pollution in the environment. With decrease in the amount of trees to balance the CO to O2, the level of clean oxygen is decreasing with the ratio of ever increasing population to a very alarming rate. Along with pure oxygen, level of pure water is also decreasing. With constant dumping of all kinds of waste in our natural water sources, we are decreasing the amount of pure water ourselves. The underground water is also affected by the land waste dumps and the radioactive dumps happening underground. Global warming is also increasing the amount of sea water, which is salty water and no use to us. Increase in the sea water is also resulting in decreasing of land area on earth, which is another alarming issue.
The other day, I read about people being sent to Mars. I did not read the article completely but the gist I got is that they are being sent to set up a living establishment in Mars. We are not only searching for alternative energy resources, we are also searching for alternative living arrangements. It is good in a way. But unless we change the way we take things around us for granted, there is no guarantee that we will end up the same way in Mars and very soon we would be depleted of even planets to reside in.
I am not going to spend my time here writing what we should do to save our planet, which has actually given birth to us. If we don’t realize it ourselves, then maybe it is time we shift to Mars.  But unless we realize the calamity of your own actions, then it is no use calling ourselves the superior species. Superiority is not when we do not make mistakes, but when we learn from our mistakes and take steps to be apologetic and correct our wrong.
Today mankind has crossed all levels of coming back to purity. Let us be practical and accept that drastic changes cannot happen now. But small things can still be done. We can still plant saplings whenever possible and try to reduce the head count of our own family instead of steadily and persistently trying for a boy child (take up a different hobby and give the same diligence to it. You will end up on Guinness Book even). Avoiding the use of pure leather and going for faux leather would be another small step. There are so many small things that you can do in similar fashion. Yes it is true. Nothing can bring back the beauty our planet has lost. But we can still preserve the little that is left.
The damage is done. We cannot reverse it. But we can certainly minimize further damage. If all of us think “Let someone else do it”, then understand that for someone, you are the someone else. Try being a role model instead of handing over the torch to someone else. This is not the same as casting a vote. This does actually give out results at the end – and productive results too.On the eve of International Earth Day, this blog is a dedication to Mother Earth. It is also a humble request to every readers. Do your bit to Mother Nature. She is already dying. This is the least you can do to your dying mother. This is her last wish. Honor it. Please.


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