Being “Politically” Correct!!!

If I could add a smiley to the title, I would have added that smiley from WhatsApp of a face which has its mouth taped. That is the actual state of politics in our country. Those who can don’t speak. Those who speak don’t matter. I do not claim to know a lot about Indian Politics. In fact, I should go out a limb and say I know nothing about Indian Politics. But the recent wave on NaMo and the huge outcry for the need to vote, (Ab ki baar…. Kiski Sarkar??? :-\) It made me pen down a few thoughts of my own about the same. Just so this blog does not contain any absurd information, I have been reading about the general views on Indian Politics on various blogs. So this blog, although it is entirely my own views and has no guarantee of being the literal correct picture, it is also not a completely skewed picture from a totally unaware person. It can be taken with a pinch of salt. I request you all do that same.


I have never been someone who was very interested in politics. But since the past few months, politics is the only topic everyone is talking about. In fact the other day, in my building, some kids were playing cricket. One team was losing terribly. This made a kid from the winning team to call the losing team “Congress” and call themselves “BJP”. This is the level of awareness created during this Lok Sabha Election. All the parties contesting has gone way over the normal process and advertised themselves. This has some advantages like the people who were not so much aware of politics, like me, became aware of it and started finding it interesting. But there are disadvantages too, like too much of spot light creates too much interest in people. This excessive interest might result in public investigating a bit too much into the past of the politicians they are interested to vote. This excessive investigation results in lowering the hopes the public has on the politicians they are to vote.


The reason I am saying this is that, just a day prior to the voting day in Mumbai, almost everyone got a text message asking the receiver to send a missed call to a certain number. Once the receiver does that, they get a call informing the receiver of the malicious background of the candidate from their locality. There are many people I know who changed their vote on the day of the election because of this information provided. I, myself, did not get into that missed call circle so I am not aware of the extra information. But this incident made me think. If you had decided to vote for someone 5 years since the previous election, there must be some hope in you about your chosen candidate. You must have read, heard or researched something about your chosen candidate, thereby making that said candidate your candidate for vote. But one call changed your opinion. Does that not mean that no matter how much you researched; there were certain points which you could not find out, which were important enough for you to change your vote. And considering complete information is never passed on all the time, whatever you have heard of your formerly chosen candidate is only part of the complete truth. It only means that, as per my opinion, there is very little hope left for our country because of our leaders.


Now coming to the voting part, there are some people I know, who realized on the day of voting, that their name is not there on the list in spite of having a voter ID. Okay, I know it is partly their mistake that they did not check it beforehand or taken adequate measures way in advance so they can vote in peace. But that still does not explain how, someone who has a Govt. issued voter ID card, finds their name missing from the list? Is it a normal practice? If it is, then what is the precaution? If, for some reason, the voter could not check the name beforehand, is there nothing they can do to ensure that they get their basic right to vote? Some days before voting, a message was circulated on WhatsApp that even if your name is not there on the list, if you provide your Voter ID Card or your Aadhar Card, you will be allowed to vote. That seemed like a sensible move. But the only problem there was, later it turned out it was not true at all. You can vote only and only if your name is there on the list. If, for some reason, your name magically disappears from the list, then there is nothing you can do except turn around and walk back without giving your opinion on who should win at the Lok Sabha.


The Amitabh Bachchan starrer recent Bollywood movie “Bhoothnath Returns” created uproar on the significance of voting. WhatsApp was another medium through which voters were encouraged to not take an off on Election Day and go out to vote. Everyone was all geared up for Election Day. The belief was “This time a difference will be made and we will be part of that difference”. But that belief was shattered when they were denied their basic right to vote. It was a very sad time for everyone who looked forward to vote.


Now coming to the post-election phase, all of us are hoping for a better Government this time – a Government that will work for the people who gave them the power, a Government who is just and who will lead our nation to a much deserved and much awaited progress. This is a common belief in the heart of all the Indians, even me. But most of us know that we are being too optimistic and putting too much expectation and we are aware that we are going to be very sorely disappointed soon. If I ask the question “Why” here, the answers that will come out will be something which everyone knows but cannot or does not want to acknowledge.


However, it is the unfortunate truth of our nation. What I see in all this is that India has been poor for so long that people here are obsessive about money. Everyone has very noble intentions at heart in the beginning. But when power comes to them, money follows. Initially everyone tries to remain as clean as possible. But after a point of time, the temptation gets the better of even the best person. Sometimes, the person is actually able to resist and withstand the temptation of money. But the fact remains that only one person cannot actually change anything. Every person has some price tag. It may be money, it may be the threat for life – of your own or someone you love, it may be something else. But there is always a price tag and it is an inevitable fact. The person who had come to create a difference ends up being no different than everyone else.


Politics, in theory, is not such a dirty game as it is being portrayed as. It is just a bigger version of any management game like Sims City. It is just the game of managing resources efficiently so as to develop the place you are controlling as well as to ensure that the total funds do not get over. The base theory is simple. But the additional features are what makes it complicated and effectively, dirty. And the additional feature here is not, as every one thinks, money. For most of the people in politics, money means nothing. They already have abundant of it. It is the power associated with position that plays. The sense of control they get on things, events, people – that triggers the dirty work.


There is this series called “House of Cards” starring Kevin Spacey. It gives a very interesting insight into politics and the games played. The lead actor there is in no way interested in the money associated with the position. The only thing that makes him play all the dirty games is the power associated with the position. It is a very interesting watch for anyone, who either likes politics or wants to understand the game on a fictional and easy-to-understand level.

There are very few people like Dr. APJ Kalam, who was playing the game by its right rules. But the game had been played with new rules for so long that the purist player was no longer accepted and welcome in the game. That just shows that one person, one team, one party cannot change the present rules. There should be a slow and gradual rule change. The old players need to go. New players, untouched by the rules, should come. New rules should be created, free of influence from the old players. There is bound to be a lot of trial and error. The game has changed face from the original one to a lot updated one. The updates need to be uninstalled and advanced updates need to be created. I do not see that as an easy or even possible thing to happen, at least in the near future.


Today, there is very little faith in politics and politicians. Today, people are riding the NaMo wave enthusiastically. I do pray that this belief does not get shattered as it has always been. But history has repeated itself so many times that it is difficult to be completely optimistic about anything now. The game has changed itself and transformed into a dangerous monster, with horrible mood swings. You never know what to believe and what will happen next. At one moment, you feel someone will come along and change the face of politics. But at another moment, you feel nothing is ever going to change and no one can do anything about it. However, optimism is always the first emotion any one has and it shall always remain like that. Even when there is no hope, there will still be someone wishing for a change. Some times, just some times, that small wish is enough to change the game completely.


Therefore, concluding with a positive note, I genuinely hope and wish this election is the change we all had been looking out for so long. May India get the development She is denied for ages. May 2020 see India as the Super Power as is predicted to be.


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