I received a lot of messages on all medium of communication since my last blog till now asking for the reason of absence. I have not stopped writing. It is just that I did not get time to write at all these days and hence the sabbatical.
One of the messages I received said that my blogs inspired someone and that now that person is in need of motivation / inspiration. I had mixed feelings on receiving that message I felt happy that my writings are helping people in living their lives. But at the same time, inspiration should not be an external factor alone. There should be an internal sense of inspiration too.
During my engineering days, one professor had told us to prepare a small report on someone / something that inspires you. All of us wrote of people who inspire us – parents, teachers, political leaders, etc. The professor heard us all patiently. At the end, she came up on the Dias and said something which really caught my attention “All of you have written about people you know or are famous. Yes they are inspiring. But have you ever looked around and felt inspired by the other living and nonliving things around you? Has it never occurred to you that you can draw inspiration from everything around you and not just human beings?”
Those made me think… Yes, there are so many things around from which we can draw inspiration. The best I feel is water. When water is cold, it freezes and becomes extremely rigid. It can only be broken by force. But once you warm it up, it flows freely. It adjusts to any and every condition but still holds its own. Even in the most rigid barrier, it holds its own till it brims and overflows to the same playful, fluid state. And when it’s warmed further, it evaporates and becomes everywhere helping everything on the way and becoming one with all.


Sometimes it does get muddy but gradually it settles down all those mud and flows clean. At times if there happens to be an obstacle in its way, it will keep pushing through till the obstacle erodes and a path is caved in. Isn’t that what we call persistence?


Why can’t we be like that? When we get angry, we do freeze up. We become very rigid and refuse to listen to anything and anyone. But once we warm up, why can’t we be like water? Flowing through everyone’s life, filling it with joy, being a source of life for everyone, taking the shape of whatever situation we are in but still not losing our individuality, being ourselves but still adjusting to every situation around us.


But at the same time, when there is a turmoil, it takes everything in its stride ina destructive fashion. Makes you wonder….. but still, water has remained a great source of inspiration fore through these times.


Inspiration drives us. We seek for inspiration outside but the real inspiration comes from within us. Has it never occurred to you that you have overcome many situations in life which you had not thought you would? Think about all those situations when you had felt utterly beaten but you had still woken up from the stupor and strode ahead to achieve success. Think of those times and imagine how many people would have been inspired by you. If you were a source of inspiration for someone during some phases of your life, why can’t you be an inspiration to yourself? What is stopping you from considering yourself as your role model?


Understand one thing, dear readers, you are unique. There is no second person like you in this universe. So there cannot be one role model for you in this life. At various situations in life, various people, animals, birds, insects, or inanimate things might inspire you to go ahead and achieve what you willed to achieve. That does not necessarily mean that the same person might inspire you to achieve success in another situation. Different situations demand different responses but the only one constant among all this is YOU. At the end of the day, you go ahead and achieve the target. The credit is yours and no one else’s.


So at times if you feel that you are lost and you need inspiration to go ahead, look within yourself and you will find all the inspiration and energy to take that last step to success. You are the best person to inspire yourself because no one has lived your life but you. No one has seen the difficulties you have seen and overcame the obstacles you have overcome. No one has achieved all those successes which you did. All these were done by you. So why do you need someone else to inspire you? In fact you are an inspiration in yourself. You inspire a lot of people knowingly and unknowingly. And when people can draw courage from you, can’t you draw courage from yourself?


Look within and realize…. Power lies within you!!!!!!!!!!!!


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