Joy of Writing

For many many years, I was under the impression that there is nothing special about me. My only interest since childhood used to be reading. Wherever I went, I always carried a book with me. Everyone around me knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. It did not matter even if their ideas were ridiculous. But the fact remained that they had some aim in life. And I had none. I could not like anything other than reading and at that small age, reading could not be thought of as an aim in life. I used to wonder what my special skills are. I spent many a year thinking about it and later lost all hope of recognizing anything special in me. There was only one special thing about me, that I knew, and it was that I loved to read.

Although I was depressed about not having any special skill about me, I never stopped reading. It remained my passion. I was determined to never let it go as it was my only hope of being special, even in the most remotest way. People around me grew up and developed even more special skills. They started becoming genuinely interested in engineering, medicine, biotechnology, architecture, interior designing, fashion designing and what not! During all these time, my collection of books grew. I still remained indifferent to any of the other profession. Nothing else mattered to me. People around me asked me to interest myself in reading newspapers and other financial magazines. “What use is reading fiction all the time? Read things to help you get a job” they used to say. But what job? I did not have anything particular in mind. So all those “suggestions” and “ideas” fell on deaf ears.

Right from childhood, I had a hobby of writing a personal diary. I just used to jot down what happened to me during the day, what I thought of it and how else could any situation would have presented – basically just current affairs in MY life. Nothing great – I know. But these were the only two things I was ever interested in the whole of my childhood, as opposed to everyone else who studied hard to achieve something in life. I felt like a total misfit.

Since society would not have accepted someone who merely read, I went on to take professional degrees, none of which I honestly studies. Even during those times, the only thing that kept me going were my books and my diary. In due course, I ended up in a Management College and as fate would have it, a friend of mine decided to start a student’s newsletter for the college. Hmmm… That sounded interesting to me. I thought of giving a try to the section called “Book Reviews”. After all, how difficult it would be to write about a book which I have read?

As it turned out, it was not difficult at all. I enjoyed writing. After a couple of book reviews, I thought of blogging – just to try. Very soon, I realized I can express myself much better than I thought. All those years of rigorous reading (even though they were only fiction novels) helped me develop my written expression and vocabulary considerably. Writing was coming naturally to me.

I started out blogging about personal experiences and developed into writing about philosophy and even a bit about politics. In order to write better, I started reading other blogs and editorials. They gave me a decent exposure to other people’s views. It was helped me understand how to write blogs.

Today, I have been blogging for almost a year and a half. I would not say I am an excellent blogger but I genuinely get it naturally. All the years of reading has paid back in a very productive way today. And recently, I came across another fact that blogging is a serious profession. There are full time professional bloggers who make money by merely writing. Constant blogging will help develop the way you express and eventually you can even get into writing articles in newspapers, magazines, or even author books. I have grown from mere reading and diary writing to writing blogs and even book reviews

Almost all the children’s book has a story called “The Ugly Duckling”. It is the story of a duckling who was very ugly looking. All the other duckling used to make fun of it. But gradually, it grew up to be a swan and ended up being much prettier than any other ducks. Right now, although not in the total context, the same story is coming to my mind. Once upon a time, I used to feel sad that I do not have any real talent. Today, I am able to express myself better than most of the people I know.

There are a lot of opportunities for me today because of the thing I have of written expression. I can write various reviews about anything – food, movies, music, places, people, events, books, articles, literature – the list is endless. Apart from that, I can also blog on anything I feel like. I can write articles in magazines, newspapers, websites and get paid for it. I can write books, stories, anything I want. I have an endless list of opportunities in front of me today and all of that just because I used to read a lot in my childhood.

Everyone has some talent. Every one is special. But just because you do not find anything special about yourself right now, it does not mean that it is not there. Give it time to blossom and you will find yourself at a much better place than where you thought you would end up. Fate always has something in store for you.


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  1. Thank you for sharing my story. I am new to blogging myself and it feels good to read stories such as yours.


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