Make a wish upon a falling star…

…. or make a star fall for your wish to come true!!!

So positivity does actually work. “The Secret”, “The Power”, “How Miracles work” all these books state how positivity actually affects our life and how we are always surrounded by a ball of positivity around us which make or break us.

Recently I came across a book “E2: Nine do-it-yourself experiments that prove your thoughts create your reality”. It seems I am advertising the book here. Trust me, it is not for monetary reasons. I would recommend this book to everyone. The entire blog today is entirely inspired from that book.

Anyway, what I was trying to make a point here is that the book says whatever happens to us is a result of our thoughts. The book says you see only what you want to see and experience only what you want to experience. A very nice example given in the book was of a mall: all of us go shopping in a mall, but we only notice only those things we want to buy. If someone were to ask us to locate a random object in one of our most frequently visited shopping mall, something which we do not buy, we will, most definitely, will not be able to say. The simple reason is that we do not see the things which do not matter to us. The same is the case with our life too. There are so many things around us which we do not see because we refuse to acknowledge them. But if we were to look beyond our comfort zone, we would be surprised at the things which life has to offer to us.

These things seem too surreal when you read them in a book. You feel, how is it possible that we edit what we see? Yes, we do edit our thoughts, but how is it even possible to edit your vision? Let me tell you, it is definitely possible. Take a very simple experiment. Sit down somewhere calmly, and think of that one route which you take every day when you go to work, or to college, or anywhere. Then try to identify every shops, every lane that is there on that route but is of no use to you. Once you jot down everything, you cross verify them when you go next time via the same route. I shall guarantee that you would not have got it even 50% completely. There must be so many things you have not noticed on the same route which you had been taking for the past so long. The only reason for this is that you have selective vision. You see only that which you want to see and experience only that which you want to experience.

But the universe remains there, whether you want to see it or not. The shops, which you missed to jot down on your regular route, are still there whether you see it or not. So, since the power exists unused, why not try and use them? Since childhood, we are encouraged to limit ourselves to various factors. Our parents tell us to be careful of the world and not demand more than what we deserve. But how are we supposed to know what we do or do not deserve? Why should we limit ourselves to anything? If I want to be rich and famous, who is stopping me from being rich and famous exactly how I want to be? The only person who is stopping me from achieving my dreams is me.

Whether we acknowledge it or not, we are surrounded by a ball of energy. This ball of energy gets energized by our thoughts, be it positive or negative. This ball of energy attracts those things which we think, no matter how impossible or improbable those things are. We think it is not possible. We feel that it is too magical to be true. We feel we cannot wish for things hard enough and that will actually happen. But we also feel we have limited capabilities, which is not true. Every human being has an unlimited capability to achieve anything that we set our mind to.
Therefore, we do not have any limitation in our lives, technically. We can get anything that we want in life and that has nothing to do with whether we deserve it or not.

I was very fortunate to receive a live example of it just a couple of days back. There was something that I wanted to happen very desperately and I really did not think it would. But I just kept my faith and prayed with all my might that those books which I have been reading and preaching are true. Lo and Behold! It did come true. At least on a temporary basis, the things have worked out in my favor. And since tomorrow is another day, I have chosen to celebrate the small victory that my dear old books have brought me.

The point I am trying to make here is that you can create your own universe and there is no one who can stop you from getting what you want in your life. Once I convinced myself that I am the sole author to my life, I did a bit of Google search on how to make your wish come true. I came across some very interesting articles on it. The conclusion remained the same as stated in the books: Wishes do come true. There were some simple steps one can do to make them come true.

·         Wish for something you really want.
The first step is the most important step because most of us always wish for things which we may not really want. Then when we get it, we regret asking for it. For example, I really want to have a puppy. But I know that if I buy a puppy, I will not be able to give proper time to it. It would only lead to dissatisfaction from my end and unfair to the puppy. So it would be wrong on my end to wish for a puppy. Therefore, you must be very clear and give it a proper thought before finalizing your wish and going to the next step.

·         Develop the wish into a desire.
A desire is something which consumes you. When a wish becomes a desire, you become determined with the effort of making it happen. You long for it in every waking hour and you crave for its existence. And that strengthens the energy around you to increase the chances of its coming true.

·         Get out of your comfort zone.
This is the most difficult part for all of us. We are so used to having a particular lifestyle and living a particular set of rules and stuff. Very often we come across opportunities to make our dream come true. But these opportunities demand us stepping out of our comfort zone and that makes us let such opportunities pass away. This leads us further and further away from our wish coming true. If we could just step out of our comfort zone, we would see a whole new world filled with whole new opportunities which we may never have thought about. One or many of such opportunities will help us make our wish come true.

·         The final part, after all the above step, is to believe that your efforts will lead you towards your wish coming true.
Believing is the step which makes everything possible. Try to imagine your wish has come true and your life after that. Do this everyday and feel good about it. It will create a positive energy around you which will attract more goodness towards you.
Even after following every one of these steps properly, we might find ourselves having negative thoughts. These negative thoughts are our subconsciousness giving out warning signals. So instead of fighting away those negative thoughts, try and find out why is your subconscious worried. Finding out the cause of the negative thoughts will help make it easier to eliminate them rather than ignoring. It is the same with the problems.

Finding the root cause of a problem in life will help us eliminating the problem rather than ignoring it.
Our feeling that we do not deserve good things in life is deep rooted and has its origin in our childhood. When we were kids, our parents used to give us treats for good behaviour and take away our favorite things when we behaved bad. That was their way of telling us what is right and what is wrong. But now that we have grown up, when we already know what is good and bad, we still stick to that idea. We feel that we are living a bad or dissatisfied life because we have been bad (and here there are ten thousand things we can think of where we had been bad) and therefore God is punishing us and we do not deserve good things in life.

One thing we fail to see is that God is not our parent. God does not have time to check and analyse what every single person in this world has done or not done. He does not have time to punish you or reward you for your deeds. Therefore He has made a foolproof method to take care of this responsibility. He said to the Universe, I have already put in the feeling of guilt in the people on Earth. So give them only and exactly what they ask for.
So there you go. You feel bad for things. You feel you deserve bad things to happen to you. And Viola! Bad things happen to you. A friend of mine shared a thought with me the other day. “Bad choices do not make a person bad. Sometimes even Good people make bad choices. But that does  not mean they are bad. It just shows they are human”. But that of course does not entitle you to keep on doing bad things. As long as you do not hurt anyone intentionally, you are good to go.

When your wish is honest, genuine and is meant so that you be happy and everyone around you also be happy, go ahead and wish for it. Take the pains to undertake the necessary action to make it come true. And right in front of your eyes, you will find your wish coming true for you. Whether it is becoming rich, or making your parents happy, or having a successful relationship, or a good job, your wish may be anything. As long as you believe in it, you will find it coming true just for you.

So go ahead and wish, people, The Universe is waiting to make your wish come true. God bless

“Conditions do not show where you are. It only shows where you begin from. It is up to you to make your life” – Unknown

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