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Freedom – Fact or Fiction?

The word “freedom” is so much of a word on paper than an actual reality. The fact remains that we are so used to being suppressed on various levels that we have modified the meaning of “freedom” to suit the convenience of the society. The blog is about how we are under an illusion of freedom and what is the actual scenario Continue reading

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Enjoying the differences!!!

Discussing with different people helps you develop your thinking and analyzing process. As long as you keep an open mind on things, discussing can be fun and enlightening Continue reading

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Write a page everyday

Writing is an art. However, like every art, writing also comes with road blocks called Writer’s block. That is a phase when you want to write but you just cannot think of anything to write about. For me, writing is … Continue reading

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Smart Technology and Life

Today, there is a lot of technological advancements which make our lives so much easier. However, too much technological dependency makes us forget to enjoy our lives and appreciate what is really important in living. Continue reading

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LOOK OUT!!! Uncle Sam is WATCHING!!!

This blog is about the issues related to our dependence on technology. We are unknowingly being tracked at every step of our lives by the seemingly innocent apps and social networking sites. But because most of us are unaware of it, we tend to let it happen too. Continue reading

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