Write a page everyday

Writing is an art. However, like every art, writing also comes with road blocks called Writer’s block. That is a phase when you want to write but you just cannot think of anything to write about.
For me, writing is a passion. I write when I am in a foul mood, when I want to express but do not know how to, when I am feeling alone, lonely, happy, excited, etc. I write when I am feeling stumped. I also write when I am going through Writer’s block, that is to say I write even when I do not have anything to write about.
Everything you write need not be insightful or meaningful or deep. Sometimes, you can and should write just for the heck of it. Sometimes, you can write just nothing but still end up writing a whole article. Such times, you write, not for anyone else, but for yourself. And at the end of writing a whole blog of nothingness, you start feeling good. That is because you wrote for yourself and writing makes you happy.
That is the thing with art – any form of art. Art can make you happy even when you end up expressing nothing. Art touches your soul like nothing or no one else can ever do. Singing, painting, dancing, etc. gives the same satisfaction even when there is nothing in it. Sometimes, you just sing anything and it makes you feel better. I am sure many of you might have experienced it.
At times, art expresses things, which even you did  not know you were thinking. Many a times, I have ended up writing things far beyond the thought I actually had. Writing made me express very insightful ideas which I normally would not have thought about. Writing helps me assess the feelings I am having, when even I have no idea why I am feeling or thinking certain thinks.
Writing helps me think. Sometimes it just helps me relax. It is like sitting on the beach, with the breeze on your face and you are just thinking of nothing – just watching the sea and the sky. That is how writing randomly makes me feel. The peace of quietness, the joy of simply being alone with your own thoughts, the simple happiness of just being you – writing helps me feel all this even in the middle of a crowd. That is the joy of writing for me
Magnificent Sun Set

Magnificent Sun Set

Today, I do not have any deep thoughts to share. There are no insightful declarations to note. Today I am just being me and sharing my thoughts – on my best friend, who had been with me since forever. Yes, writing is such for me. Yes, I am a writer. And yes, I am blissfully happy about it.

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A thinker, dreamer, ponderer, I love to think of things which normally people wouldn't. These thoughts are put into words for the world to read through my blogs. Do feel free to comment on them If you like to read, do feel free to go through my book reviews to help you select the next best book to read. Follow the link http://theverdictsout.wordpress.com
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7 Responses to Write a page everyday

  1. roopesh says:

    The beauty is such that we feel mesmerized and lost in the world of writing. Love the comparison with the beach 🙂


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