Enjoying the differences!!!

Discussing is always enlightening. Here, I mean, of course, healthy discussions. It gives you an idea on where you are on any given topic. It helps you realize your weakness and strength. It gives you knowledge and even helps you update your current database (of your mind, I mean). It is so much better and faster than reading. When you read, you normally tend to restrict yourself to the topics you like, or even the authors you like. That ends up giving you a very narrow and limited mental growth. However, when you discuss with someone, you not only come to know of topics of your interest, you get a different view point on the same topic too, and at times, end up co-relating them to some other topics which were never your forte in the first place.

With discussions, we normally have a tendency to discuss only with like minded people. We feel that if we discuss with people of opposing views, we might have a disagreement and it might end up in an argument. The fear makes us avoid such people. While making friends, or even in search of a partner, we tend to prefer people with similar mind set. “That is to avoid arguments in future”, we say. But how far are we true in this assumption?

Discussing with opposite minded people is always the best way to grow. Arguments happen when we are rigid to our mind set and refuse to accept anything other than our own ideas. With such a mind set, arguments can happen even with like minded people. But when you are discussing with someone having an opposite view, that is when actual discussions happen. There will not be any close-minded acceptance. Each will share their point of view. And with that, a debate starts. A healthy debate opens up a plethora of new avenues through which you can view any topic.

When you interact with an opposite minded person, you start to see things in a new light. It does not matter whether you agree with that point of view or not, but the fact remains that a new avenue of thought is presented in front of you, which is more important. The knowledge bank of your mind will broaden. Simple things which you used to take for granted will seem different when viewed from a different perspective.

Growth is possible only when you widen your horizon. Glass may be half empty or half full. Perspective is everything. There is no truth or lie. It is all in the eye. Even the half empty-half full glass is not the truth. the glass is always full – of some matter and not necessarily liquid. So what exactly is that you are seeing? You see only that which you want to see. It is only when you discuss it with someone else that you see something else too.

Have you seen those paintings which shows a young lady and an old lady? Such pictures test our perception. If given at the first time, we might not see both the old and the young lady. We most probably will only see one. It is only after someone else points it out to us that we see the other picture too. If we restrict ourselves from discussions, then the other side of the picture will never be visible to us and we will never be able to completely enjoy the true effect of the picture.

The painting is just an example and the same is applicable to various aspects of our lives. Many times we are not able to completely accept the beauty of any given situation just because we are too stubborn to see any other view than ours. We are so determined on proving ourselves right that we forget there is no right or wrong. Everything is just a perception. If we take the example of the painting again, whether you see the old lady or the young lady, you are not wrong. The painting does have two completely different views to it. So there can never be an argument on who is right and who is wrong on this. It is all about what you want to see and what you are open to see.

If we take life like an illusion and refrain ourselves from being adamant on our views about any topic, if we can keep an open mind about everything around us, we will learn so much more and we shall always be happy. All we have to do is to accept that nothing is absolute. It is a very simple concept but highly efficient in resolving a lot of conflicts – be it internal or external.

It has always been my favorite thought that life is all but an illusion. Nothing we see is real in the absolute sense. Thinking like this helps me consider various aspects and interpretations of truth in any given situation. It is fun thinking various versions of how any situation can be interpreted and how different people will see, judge or react to the same situation. Discussing these things with someone gives even more insights and other possibilities and outcomes which I would not have thought of and that gives even more depth to any situation. In that process, whatever happens around seems important enough to consider its avenues but at the same time insignificant enough to over react to it. If it is not true, if it is just an illusion, then why worry on something that is not real? You may not agree with what I am saying, but there is no harm in looking at someone else’s perspective too, right? That is exactly the outcome of discussions. You get to know something different, something new every time you discuss

Discussions and interactions with various kinds of people will help in our growth and development in knowledge and perception. Knowing various ways of looking at a single thing will expand our horizon of thinking and thereby the depth of our thoughts. As long as we accept that neither us nor our thinking is always perfect, we will not have any issue with having a healthy discussion or even debate with others. It will always be fun and always enlightening. Try it out today. Discuss and watch yourself grow!!!


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4 Responses to Enjoying the differences!!!

  1. roopesh says:

    Disagreement does bring in a new dimension to our thoughts. Only looking from number of views, we can understand and even assess the situation well. Made me remember a movie ‘ vantage point’, the reality is not absolute, its a mix of many creating thus the reality. Amazing post πŸ™‚


    • devinair says:

      Although I haven’t watched the movie, it is along the same lines of my thought. It is a very interesting concept to think that even what we see may not be real or true. Thank you for reading and commenting πŸ™‚


  2. roopesh says:

    Hello there! Hope you’re doing good.
    Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award. Please participate and enjoy the experience. Smile is guaranteed. You can check it out here! πŸ™‚


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