A School!!!

A school

– Where tests are given first and based on that, your lessons continue.

– Where chapters begin a long time before you realize the context of it.

– Where every time you decide to be prepared for the upcoming lesson but every time, they manage to hit you at the most unsuspecting time

– Where tests can be written, oral, situation oriented or mentality oriented or any other way The Teacher can think of

– Where rules are ever changing and only made by The Teacher

– Where the only thing constant is change

– Where, sometimes you are on the first bench, sometimes you are on the last (no place is permanent)

– Where, irrespective of which bench you are sitting, The Teacher knows what you are up to

– Where you cannot lie to the Teacher (unfortunately)

– Where there is no home work, no revision, no text books, no reference books (Yippeee!!! Right?) If you miss out on one class, you can never get it back 😦

– Where the only time you meet The Teacher is when you “pass out” (literally!!!)

– Where no student is treated equally. You may be the most sincere student, always helping others, always studying properly, always taking notes and revising. But when the exams come, others score better than you and you are left wondering “Where did I go wrong?”

– Where the value of your education is realized only at a very later stage and you are left amused at how you used to crib when you did not get marks and how wrong you were then

– Where friends are made and relationships developed

– Where every class is a new batch of students

– Where important tests are designed to test our endurance and faith in The Teacher rather than our learnings

– Where failing a test does not mean you have to re-take the class. Rather it means you lose a chance to chose

– Where there are many courses you can take depending upon your test results

– Where, when test becomes too difficult, you can ask The Teacher for help and if the request is sincere, you will get the requested help

– Where, at times, you do not realize you are learning a lesson until after you have learnt it

– Where results come unexpectedly, and at times, in parts

– Where you never realize what you have learnt until you give the intermittent, surprise tests that keep coming unexpectedly and at regular intervals

– Where your expectations are never fulfilled exactly like you want, but nevertheless, surprise gifts keep coming depending upon your random performances (for both good and bad)

– Where you feel that you can get away with cheating but the punishment is not vetted until a crucial time (and the punishment also happens to be directly proportional to your cheating)

– Where, at times, you have to let go of everything you have learnt and trust The Teacher blindly

– Where, at times, to clear a test, all you have to do is take a deep breath and be patient

– Where miracles happen in a way that you would see it only if you were looking for it

A school – called LIFE!!!


About devinair

A thinker, dreamer, ponderer, I love to think of things which normally people wouldn't. These thoughts are put into words for the world to read through my blogs. Do feel free to comment on them If you like to read, do feel free to go through my book reviews to help you select the next best book to read. Follow the link http://theverdictsout.wordpress.com
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6 Responses to A School!!!

  1. Rose says:

    So true ! Nice…. Good Work dear πŸ™‚ !


  2. indianhumor says:

    Hey! I’ve nominated you for The Liebster award. Hope you accept it πŸ™‚ you can read about it on my blog:


  3. Ermilia says:

    Some great quotes. My favourite are:
    * Where the only thing constant is change
    * Where tests are given first and based on that, your lessons continue.

    – Ermisenda


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