Beautiful Rains!!!

Rains are really beautiful to watch. Even more beautiful to get drenched in. Sitting by the window, watching the rain drops fall pitter patter outside, waving hands out to catch some drops, putting the face out to let rain wash over your face, running out to splash in the muddy water n get properly drenched in the beautiful stream of heavenly water… what could be possibly more fun than that?
Have you ever tried standing in the rains when you are terribly upset? Yes, there is a quote by Charlie Chaplin that rains make tears invisible. But rains do more than that. It washes away your tears, not only from your eyes but from your soul as well. Standing in the rain gives a special sense of cleansing of the soul. Its like the rain water manages to seep right inside you and takes every sadness away with it.
It is just magical how you can feel unbelievably happy by merely looking at the drizzle. Entire nature appears to be singing a melodious natural tune. And the smell thats associated with the wet earth is more divine than anything I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.
No matter which part of the world you are living in, rains make everything seem much more greener and flourished. The cool wind that blows, the happy animals and plants around, it just feels like when mom is bathing her babies. The babies enjoy splashing so much n mom enjoy it even more. The babies sway and splash all around the mom. And mom encourages by singing to them, lathering them up and playing with them. You can feel the maternal love nature has for her children. It is really poetic.
Rains are really so very beautiful. No wonder so many poems and songs are written on rains. Nature never does cease to surprise you even in the commonest of events.
Happy monsoons!!!


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2 Responses to Beautiful Rains!!!

  1. I have just returned from my country of birth, England. My family worried that I would hate being there because of the ever changing climate.
    I was given a bedroom of my own with all the comforts they showered on me, trying their best to make sure I would not miss my home in hot, sunny Spain.
    They were horrified when I declined the bedroom in favour of their conservatory and a simple throw and cushion to rest my head.
    Each night when they went to bed, I would sit back and relax in the plessure I love most { after the children, that is} listening to the wind howling around me. Watching the dark clouds threatening to explode and sometimes my beloved England didnt let me down, byanswering my prayers. It rained cats and dogs. I was in heaven. Englan, I love you.


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