Is confusion really confusing???

It is very easy to feel lost – like your life is going in a swirl and you have no idea what is happening, what will happen, what you are supposed to do or even if you are expected to do something at all. Nothing makes sense and everywhere you see is just darkness. No, I am not putting up a picture here where you are scared. Fear is not the emotion you are feeling now, it is confusion. Confusion on the path life has taken, maybe with or even without your knowledge. Sometimes, no matter how much you try to control life, it has a tactical way of taking an unexpected turn at the most unexpected time when you have invariably lowered your guard and are feeling very safe. Then from safety, you jump to uncertainty and it unsettles you. However, you don’t have a choice than to go ahead with the change and adapt or as Darwin theory says, you might just get extinct.
So what do you do? Who do you turn to? Who do you talk to? How do you talk to? Or do you even talk to someone about it? Will you be able to explain anything at all? I am pretty sure the answer to all these questions would be “No”. That would just make you even more confused and insecure. Are you on the right path? Or should you be changing it? Should you just trust your faith and go ahead blindly? Or take matters into your own hands and make some major changes?
If you go look into history, you will find that many successful people fall in both categories. The deifining factor for them had always been and shall always will be what makes them tick. Yes, the answer is with you as well. What makes you tick?
Does this thing that’s coming new bring a new path down the road which will make you tick? Does that new option somewhere down the lane make your heart race with excitement? Does that light at the end of the tunnel bring out some options which you always wanted but never had the courage to pursue?
Believe me, whenever life takes these unexpected changes, there is always a turning point at the end of the tunnel. When times of confusion happens, we spend so much time merely thinking that we are confused and that just makes us lose the sight of what exactly is in the front. And because we waste our time feeling lost, we miss out taking that crucial turn which just happened to be our proverbial turning point.
The people who have become successful in life did not get any extra chances. They merely kept their eyes open when everyone else was freaking out at the changes happening and that made them see clearly their precious turning point. And they are also mere people, very much like you and me. They are no different at all from us. Then what is stopping us from following our dreams, just like them? The only thing that is stopping us is the fear of unstability and sense of comfort in our routine lives.
Many times, we miss out on various chances to follow our dreams just because of all these factors. There are many big things we aspire for and we are destined for. But most of us get so comfortable in our routine lives that we are afraid of making those major changes which will lead us to our dreams. At such times, life intervenes and creates an opportunity for us to follow our dreams. That is when the swirl in life happens, the confusion settles in and we start feeling lost. That is the time when life is rotating us, like for the game of Pinning the tail on the donkey. Life is shaking us a bit so we manage to see what we are destined to do. That is definitely not the time to feel insecure and unsettled. Yes, unsettlement happens initially but we should steel ourselves for the challenge ahead and go head on. There are bright things waiting for us. Our dreams are waiting to be accomplished. History is waiting for us to wrote our names in its pages. Legendary things are about to happen and that is not when you should be sitting and wondering where life is taking me.
Take up the opportunity and accept the change. There is something new at the end of the road. Your dreams are just within your reach now. Go for the challenge. There are people who are waiting to get inspired from you. You just have to take the plunge and grab it. It is just within the reach of your hand. All you have to do is to build the courage to stretch your hand…


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One Response to Is confusion really confusing???

  1. Niraj bharalawala says:

    Very nicely written.. I do agree hurdles in life are always an opportunity for us to grow, to become wat we really want to become.. It gives us an opportunity to leave out comfort circle and grow. But many a times we get scared n try our best to get back into our comfort circle and hence loose our hideen opportunity


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