Great happiness in small packets

There is a general perception around that happiness depends only on the price tag. Only if you gift something really costly to someone would they realise how much they mean to you or would they be happy. But those who truly realise what happiness is, will definitely vouch that price or size of the gift does not in any way determine the happiness of the recipient and for that matter, even the giver.
Small things, when they are enormously thoughtful, makes all the difference in the world. Small things like recreating memories are so much better than the costliest diamond. Thoughts matter, price not so much.
Happiness is highly.monetized these days. The value needs to be emphasized on the relationship and not on the activity of gifting in itself. “Only if you buy so and so will you be happy”, “Only if you gift your loved one something really costly will they be happy” and so on and so forth. Advertisements raise expectations among people so much that it comes to affect the relationships a bit. Children start expecting costly gifts from their parents, demanding stuff their friends have, and parents mostly give in their love. Partners expect their partners to show their love by buying them costly gifts and taking them to pricey places. Love is measured in price these days.
However, other things matter too. Things like spending quality time together, being there for each other, among various other things. Money is not everything. Costly gifts do not mean are loved. But thoughtful acts when you especially need them, kind words when you are feeling down, gentle actions to get you up and about in life is what matters in life.
Life cannot be measured with how much money you have. Relationship cannot be measured with how costly gifts you receive. Life is all about how much priceless memories you create with your loved ones. Relationship is measured by how much love you give and receive by words, actions and thoughts.
Enjoy things that matter with people who matter. Keep money where it belongs, as a requirement. Do not equate it to happiness. Happiness should not be measured, and it should never be. Life is not costly, it’s priceless.


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6 Responses to Great happiness in small packets

  1. Very true Devi. Happiness is not about money nor can it be achieved by money.


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