Relativity of time

Christopher Nolan is an amazing director and writer. I saw Interstellar today and was absolutely clean bowled by it. The concept that was used in the movie is something I had been thinking for a long time. Although it is a tremendous stretch of imagination, I am a strong follower of the words

You can only imagine those which is possible at some point of time.

My post today is a complete science fiction based one, but something that I have been giving a lot of thought lately.
Time is and has always been a point of interest to me. We have 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week, roughly 4 weeks in a month, 12 months in a year. All this is based on our calculation of Earth’s rotation, revolution and its distance from our source of energy that is The Sun. However, if we were to go closer to Sun, our hours in a day will change and so will the months in a year.
We have some form of clocks all around us and we have literally become slaves to those clocks. However these clocks will become useless if we were to cross the boundaries of our planet. Our distance from the Sun will determine the count of hours, days and months for us.
Forget planet, these clocks well become redundant even if we cross our time zone. If we are to travel from India to Middle East, we will reach our destination roughly around the same time we had started our journey. Does that mean we travelled at the speed of light? Or, in another case, with respect to India, is USA in past and Japan in future? If we travel like Fineas Fogg towards East around the world, we will gain a day in life, whereas if we travel west around the world, we will lose a day. Doesn’t that ever make you think?? Yes, basic science has a lot of explanations to this by stating the rate of rotation of the Sun and similar things. But does this though never cross your mind that if this is possible, then what more could be made possible?
Okay, coming out of the illusion of time (as it is a never ending topic to theorerise) and getting into the illusion of life itself (because what more can be as interesting as life itself?) Many times in life, we say things like “Oh, that moment had been the turning point of my life. If that had/hadn’t happened, then I don’t know how my life would have been.” Life is a series of choices. The permutations and combinations of our choices make for what our life is all about. However, have you ever paused and wondered what happened to the other choices? Their possibility had existed in the universe. But they died a premature death because we did not take up that choice and chose something else.
Another science fiction idea that comes to my mind here is that there exists many parallel universe similar to ours in different realms of time. In those parallel universe, there exists many other parallel living beings who make choices like us. What if there is a parallel you in this different universe who had taken up those choices which you had not taken? What if those living beings are living those lives which you had given up?
Scientists say that our entire Milky Way galaxy is just a dot in the entire vast being of the Universe (Source of this knowledge – StumbleUpon). That means there are infinite other locations where life exists. In that infinite possibility of life, is it so difficult to imagine that an alternate world to us does not exist?
There are so much to space that we do not know yet. There is so much knowledge out there which we have not yet comprehended. We are currently limited to whatever minuscule knowledge we posses but the reality may be far more than all this. Just like what is shown in Interstellar, time is just another dimension. There might be dimensions much more important than time, but just that we are not aware of it.
When movies like these come out, when ideas like these come out, it is just another proof that the possibilities of such ideas exist. Once again, a disclaimer-this post is a science fiction post. I am just putting across things which are coming to my mind on a random.basis. But one thing I truly believe although I have no proof for the same is, time is not absolute, but just a creation out of our perception. What do you think?


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