Juggling Office and Home

Just a while back, I read this post on Facebook (which can be found by clicking on this link Here’s why I leave office at 5.30 every single day and so should you) It was kind of inspiring in various ways because even I leave at 5.30 from office every single day, unless of course it is very urgent and cannot wait till the next day. Although the author of the post above had a different content in mind when she wrote that post, I got inspired to share of my thoughts on the subject

If you go through the post, you will find that it speaks a bit about gender difference and various gender related roles are emphasized on it. However, if you go through the comments, you will see that there are people who state the other side scenario as well. Leaving the office on time is, as per my opinion, not at all gender biased. In fact, it is individual based. The time spent in office vs. the time spend with loved ones shall always be a scale to balance and it will entirely depend on our perception which side of the scale should tilt and how much.

Today, money has become so much of a priority to everyone that the finer nuances of life is lost on most of us. Money might be important, I am not denying it. In fact, it is very important. However, the people who love you are much more important. If you do not have time for them, then what purpose is money for? There are many occurrences where we are forced to work more due to deadlines or any such issue, which is a completely different scenario. But working late just for the sake of it, or to impress someone is just not worth it and is something that should be avoided.

Most of us spend so much time at our work place that we do not see the Sun for many days to end. In the process, we do not meet our friends or do not spend time with our family for a very long time. But what exactly do we do for so long at work? Can we not have completed the same work in the assigned time of 8 hours if we had taken lesser breaks and spent less time in needless chitchatting? Yes, we could have, but then we wouldn’t have come across as important as we do when we inform our loved ones that ‘we are working late’.

No, it is not a matter of pride to work late. It does not increase your importance if you work late. Working late inversely affects the people who matter. The people who are waiting to see you, meet you, talk to you are getting hurt whenever you use those words and cancel meeting them. It hurts them when they realize that you give more priority to money than people.

The people at work will soon replace you when you leave the job and look for a better opportunity. No matter how much you impress them, it is not going to give you any lasting reward. But your family and friends will never do that. No matter which company you work in and what post you hold, you will always be loved unconditionally. And that love should never be taken for granted, or replaced with fatter pay checks or more clock hours.

Infosys Executive Chairman Mr. Narayan Murthy states it very clearly and sternly in his Letter To Employees (Click on the link to get to the letter) that staying back late does not mean that you are productive. Productivity does not depend on the number of hours you spend at work. It solely depends on the quality of work you do in the stipulated time.

Someone gave me a tip about how office works when I started my corporate life “The longer you stay back at work, the more work you will be given and all the extra work will never ever matter to anyone”. She told me it is best to set your priorities straight right at the start so people do not take advantage of you. Do your best work in 8 hours, pack up and leave.

I have already written something about this earlier, and I know I am repeating the same here once again, but I feel that now a days feminism is getting way over rated by people. The perception that women need to hurry home after work and men don’t is really not true. Many men I know would love to rush home after work to be with their family and friends and not spend hours in front of the computer and listening to their bosses.

It is about time we put such things out of our minds and focus on things that matter to us. So here, on this blog, I want to tell every one of you, irrespective of whether they are men or women, that it would be great if you all could leave office at 5.30 everyday (or right after your 8 hour shift, whatever time it may be) because you may or may not get your promotion if you work extra, but you will definitely get immense satisfaction if you spend quality time with your family and friends.

Very few of us realize what truly matters in life sooner. So next time you feel tempted to stay back at office just to impress someone or extend a work which could have been finished faster, consider the alternatives once again. It is always best to look within ourselves for that answer and find it faster to ensure a regret free life.


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