Mind your… What exactly????

The other day, I came across the new AIB video of Arjun Kapoor and Ranveer Singh, hosted by Karan Johar. The new type of insult comedy has been doing a lot of rounds in the West and India has just started a full-fledged show on it. Now this video was truly funny and a different sort of entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless. However, soon after that, a news report started its round that some people are going to the court to ban AIB and all kinds of shenanigans followed.

Now soon after that, some other videos and posts started going around. One was of an old man who tried to molest a lady in a flight. That lady smartly took a video of the man and insulted him very nicely on it. Another post was about a 12 year old boy raping his classmate. He not only abused her, but also uploaded a video of that act on porn sites. Yet another ad on domestic violence too crops up on Facebook.

With all this links here, I am not trying to create a post of social awareness message alone. My point here is people are creating such a hue and cry over some people who make jokes and insulted one another and did not in any way harm any one else. What they did on video is the exact same thing which guys do when they hang out with their friends. In fact, not only do friends abuse each other, such words are also used in public places by people, and also are hot favorites while eve teasing.

Here a few celebrities came together and made a show about one another. That was not even aired on National TV. It was aired on YouTube, which in fact, also airs soft porn. So that means, there is selective viewing there. A random person will go on YouTube and search for whatever they want to watch. Now you go and watch something like this on your own, without being forced, and then you create a huge ruckus that you watched something offensive…!!!

At the same time, there are so many things happening around which should be focused on. Those kids who got killed in Assam, we spend so much of our time supporting the act of terrorism in Pakistan, but when it was in India, there was a lull in the reaction. Are we not bothered about our own country fellows? This 12-year-old who got raped by her classmate, molestation videos going online causing a never-ending situations to the victims, the GDP of our nation, Industrial development, Agricultural development – so many things can be focused on and something productive will come out of it.

The cost of living in India is increasing. People are taking their first flight out of India. Almost no one wants to live in India anymore. Indian Politics is not improving as expected. Modi is spending maximum time out of India than in the country who voted him (No I am not complaining for that. He is laying a good foundation for our future). The security of women and children are not yet so strong that we feel safe alone outside. Not only outside, but abuse at home has also reached posh residences of India, make up market booming because women are hiding their scars with powder rather than with the law.

Bringing up the law only when it is convenient and ignoring it at other times is so common today. When molestation, abuse cases are filed in police stations, most of the times, the victims are harassed. At such times, the law is blind folded. But when a few people come and make fun of each other and enjoy, that creates a law problem.

AIB is an entertainment network. We should not be giving such posts and videos so much thought. There are many things we can mind. But only very few are actually minded. Some people do certain things just to create publicity or so that they can get their 5 seconds of fame. We should have enough sense to understand what is important enough to be focused on and what should be taken with a pinch of salt. Instead of focusing on such minor issues, let us focus on productive points and improve ourselves and our well-being.

But that is just my opinion. If you are against it and would like to negate my blog with a really nice blog of your opinion, please check out AIB Roast – Well done? Or Extra Rare? by Epiphany in Cacophony It is truly brilliantly written with a pro side to it.


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