The Golden Cup of Victory

India lost the chance for winning the World Cup 2015 by losing to Australia in Semi Finals. Since the time World Cup started, in fact even before that, the hashtag #WontGiveItBack had started. I cannot deny, even I had used that hashtag extensively.

Yes, I want to write about the World Cup 2015. No, I do not know much about cricket, except what a layman knows. But then this post is not supposed to be a ball by ball analysis on India’s performance.

All of us were glued to our screens during the Semi Finals. We reacted to every single deliveries done by both the teams. Every catch, mis-field, fours, sixes, run outs and everything else got tremendous reactions from all of us. So when our beloved Dhoni and team could not win against the Aussies, we all felt bad. But we did not hate our team. We acknowledged that the opposition played a better game and our boys could not match up to them. That was sad – but fine.

Then Times Now started on how Indian team has shamed us in Sydney. Honestly, I did not watch that debate but I did saw all the hashtags they had started #ShamedInSydney. Virat Kohli was made fun of about the tires ad he had done, and some even went to the extent of saying Anushka Sharma was responsible for his low performance.

Ganguly lashes out at those making Anushka Sharma a scapegoat

It was hurtful to watch that some of us could not accept defeat gracefully. India is a country where Cricket is a religion which unites us and we are all passionate about. However, the fact remains that the Gods of that religion are not actual Gods but mere humans and proverbially, humans make mistakes.

On a related topic, just recently the board exams got over. Board exams are the highest stress level exams for a child. Those exams “supposedly decide” our future. So the pressure to do well comes not only from our parents, teachers, siblings and friends, but also from within. And that results in increasing number of students suicides when the results get declared. Till some years back, the concept of suicide among kids were literally unheard of. Increase in pressure is resulting in students taking drastic irreversible methods to cope with it.

Boards are just the first step of high pressure zone, especially for us Indians. We face pressure to perform at many stages of our lives, be it from others or from ourselves. We all know what pressure is and how it affects our performance. Now we react and blame others even with just the pressure from family and friends. So imagine the kind of pressure that rests on the Indian Team from the 1.2 billion Indian supporters when they play on the ground! For them, using this fact as a reason for not playing well is inexcusable. But the least we can do is support them in their bad phase.

Losing perspective, missing the meaning – Mr. Nirmal Shekhar in The Hindu

They have given us a grand victory after 1983. For many of us, Kapil Dev lifting the cup in 1983 is just a grainy image. 2011 World Cup was the first time we saw our Team holding the Cup on live Television with HD Clarity. After that, they also gave us T20 Cup to boast about. When we could ride the Victory lap with them then, why can we not give them our unwavering support now? We should learn to accept defeat as graciously as we celebrate victory. Our team played really well throughout the tournament and just one such days when the opposition where are tad bit better, we couldn’t perform. And it should be fine.

Team India are humans. Humans make mistakes. We all make mistakes. Sometimes we do not perform at the most crucial times. But the best way to overcome that is to learn from the mistakes and move on. Blame Game will never help anyone. It is time we accept that our Cricket Gods are Humans too and give them their due credit, which is really high for what they do for us.

And hey! 2019 World Cup is at England and Finals are at Lords, the same place where we lifted the Cup in 1983. May History repeat itself. #WeWillGetItBack


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