A Constant called Change

Latest News: I recently got married. So as a newly wed, there are various things that are coming new in my direction. Going through all the required changes and transitions has opened my eyes to the new phase of my life, and in retrospect, the phases so far in my life. And that introspection has given rise to this topic, and therefore, this blog.

Just like I am going through all these phases, I am sure everyone else must also be going through some or the other phase of life. Every phase is, of course, different. But the transition always brings out the same emotions in all of us – initially fear, worry, acceptance, adaptation, and then sliding into it smoothly (or as much smoothly as possible)

Change is a part of life cycle. Be it for us humans or for any other living or non living beings, change is inevitable. It is said, and rightly so, that “The only thing constant in life is change”. A plant changes into a tree, which changes into wood, used to build furniture or even a house and eventually burns down to ash. An egg turns to a chicken, which becomes a hen and completes the cycle by giving another egg. Soil accumulates and changes into rock which corrodes with water to become sand again. Human beings, too, change a lot from being a child to a teenager, to being a friend, partner, parent, employee, manager, business owner, grandparent, great grand parent (if lucky), every day changes us in so many different ways.

There are so many phases and changes in life. And that is the beauty of it. Anything going on for a long time makes life monotonous. Change adds color and sometimes, beauty in life. The transition I had from being a daddy’s girl to a darling wife is something which was huge and scary but equally lovable and precious. Just like that, every change in every sphere of life is beautiful.

Change shows us what we were missing for so long. Change brings us to levels we wouldn’t otherwise think of. With some changes, some things will go, but new things will find way to get closer. Finishing education and starting a career makes us realize the importance of money. Starting a business involves taking up responsibilities of all the employees  in the organization along with creating a strong base for yourself. Marriage brings awareness about partnership. Parenthood teaches us responsibilities and the joy of creating another living being of your own. Moving to a new city, country shows how it is to start fresh.

Any change, even the smallest of it, brings something new and takes away something old. Every step we take in life demands change in one way or the other. What matters at the end of the day is how much you are ready to let go of the thing that left and how soon can you accept the new part that has arrived. Happiness is finding that perfect balance in the middle of the transition.


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3 Responses to A Constant called Change

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  2. roopesh says:

    Happy married life! And truly said, happiness is all about finding that right balance in middle of the ever going transition, as change is the only constant 🙂


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