An ode to Fathers!!!

Father’s Day is celebrated on third Sunday of June every year. And promptly, every year, globally, fathers are greeted and treated that day with all the gusto. The display pictures on social medias are dedicated to fathers, cakes and chocolates are ordered and sent, heart warming speeches and poetry are created or copied and read out. They are the kings for that day. Then the next day arrives and all the confetti lays forgotten on the floor to be cleaned.

A lady becomes a mother when she gives birth to a baby. But a man becomes a father by the surge of affection he gets on seeing the baby. Ladies undergo a lot of physical pain during child-birth. That gives rise to the bond and attachment between mother and the baby. But men undergo psychological transformation from the time the baby opens its eyes and sees its father, or wraps its tiny little hands around the father’s finger. That level of transformation and the rush of emotions are very much equal to, if not more than, the pain during child-birth.

The role of a father is always the most difficult among both the parents. Although he loves his children tremendously, he is still expected to shout at and punish them because dads are the strict ones and moms are the kind ones. Ensuring that the child is safe every time he/she steps out of the house is not at all an easy task. Father’s first instinct is always to protect the child from all the harm, but they also know that unless the child falls, it will not learn the lesson. So knowingly, they have to let the child make the mistake and then get hurt to learn the lesson. Seeing the child hurt breaks the father’s heart into a million pieces but he cannot go and hug the child and soothe the pain. He has to be strong to the child will be strong seeing him. Such a situation is not easy. It takes an effort to be a father.

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At the end of the day, when all the growing up is done, it is finally time for the child to go and start a life of their own. Even then it is always the fathers who get hurt the most. Mothers cry it out. Fathers have to be strong and not shed a single tear, while their heart rips from their body and goes with the child. Being a Father is the most difficult of all jobs.

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To the hero of every child, the man of the house, the protector of the family, the caretaker, the money bank, and so many other roles that he plays, Father’s Day is not just for one day. It is a celebration for life. From the time he lays eyes on the tiny tot with minuscule fingers to the very end of eternity, every moment is a Father’s day celebration in one or the other day.

To all the Dads in the world who are just so much amazing in what they do, Happy Father’s Day!!!


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    one of the best posts I’ve ever read!

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