A couple of butterflies

They had met during a Butterfly watching expedition. Both were in the competitor groups and fought very hard to win. Finally, the resulting “tie” made them friends and eventually lovers. Soon they found out that their common interests were limited only to butterflies. Everything else was different. However that did not stop them from exploring and re-inventing new hobbies for each other. In fact, their very first kiss was at 10,000 feet, while doing something they both had not done before – bungee jumping!! They had a very adventurous life and made no secret about it. That one step they took with friendship during the Butterfly expedition changed the course of their lives. Every next step only cemented their relationship and it grew only stronger with passing of time. Just like butterflies, they flew around everywhere around the world, doing all activities together, even after retiring. Friends and family used to look up to them as inspiration on how a perfect relationship would be. Only they knew the cracks in their perfect home, but it was always cemented soon and therefore, healed so fast that it was never visible.

Sitting by the tombstone, she wondered – wondered about it all. All it took was taking a chance and believing in fate. Sometimes, all it takes is one leap of faith, and then everything works out on its own. She stood up and took one long hard look at the tombstone. One tombstone which held the ashes of both of her parents who died together at a ripe old age. Even death could not do them apart. Rebecca felt sad about losing her parents, but was happy that they did not have to live without each other even for a day. Just as she was wishing in her mind that they be together even in their after lives, two butterflies frolicked and sat on the tombstone. Rebecca smiled. Her parents were still together. That is love, after all.

Young At Heart


About devinair

A thinker, dreamer, ponderer, I love to think of things which normally people wouldn't. These thoughts are put into words for the world to read through my blogs. Do feel free to comment on them If you like to read, do feel free to go through my book reviews to help you select the next best book to read. Follow the link http://theverdictsout.wordpress.com
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2 Responses to A couple of butterflies

  1. Very sweet. Glad you included the cracks in the perfect home. It’s good to be reminded that cracks can be mended.


    • devinair says:

      Dear Sandra, Thank you so much for your kind words. They encourage me to write more and with increasing frequency 🙂 I hope you enjoy all my other short stories too


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