Itsy Bitsy Business;)

A very interesting story on how professional and personal lives come together when the couple work together

Brewing words

The project was insane ,she communicated her disgust through her dominant non-assertive eyes.Though the project could give her and her company a break-through ,increasing the profit by two fold,her morality disagreed to the decision.

There were people residing, dreams being born and a right to live for all the less fortunate people below poverty line, still they weren’t accounted, as they were residing the small huts in the slum, the project demanded their evacuation irrespective of the moral thought that the people would be homeless and left to die.

“I don’t understand Divya!!You are my partner,we have built this company from bricks, this is our dream and you are hell-bent on destroying it?” Ayan banged his fist on her table.

Ayan was her partner in business and in real-life but their strong foundation was being jeopardize over this issue.She knew if she followed her heart,the relation wouldn’t stand.

She tried…

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