The girl is a doctor and guy is an engineer

Challenge Question on Quora asked by Varsha Hedge: What can be some good short stories starting from the line, “The girl is a doctor and guy is an engineer”?

The Girl is a doctor and the guy is an engineer. They met during a conference and instantly had a spark between them – a spark generated by profession. The Girl was all about how wonderful Medical line is and how much it helps peopleĀ  and the Guy described all the wonderful things technology can do. Both of them argued a lot on it. The argument continued all through the conference and later, through late night phone calls. Gradually they decided to “agree to disagree”.

Through the pretext of this argument, their chemistry grew and they fell deeply for one another. Today the biomedical engineer lives his dreams of technological development through the technical research conducted by PhD holder wife and PhD holder Doctorate lives her passion to help people through her medical technician husband who works for a big hospital.


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