The Phone Call

Challenge statement – Your character gets a call from someone asking to talk to “David.” “You have the wrong number,” your character says. But instead of hanging up, the caller and your character get to chatting, and they decide to meet later that night…

*tringg triinnngggg*

Rebecca: hello?

Man at the other end: Hi. May I please speak with David?

Rebecca: umm.. I think you have got the wrong number. This is Rebecca this side

Guy: Oh! I am so sorry. Actually my beat friend David used to live at this apartment toll some time back. It had been a while since I contacted him. I thought he would still be living here.

Rebecca: I am sorry you must have missed out. I am not aware of the previous occupant. If you want, maybe I can check with my land lord for any forwarding address for this David. That is, if you still want to contact him…?

Guy: No I guess its fine. If he had wanted to be in touch, he would have left me a forwarding address. I was just around the house and thought to catch up with him for a beer or something. Anyway, sorry to have disturbed you.

Rebecca: It is perfectly fine. In fact I was just about to go out for a beer myself. If you want to join, please feel free to

Guy: Oh no, I would not want to intrude…

Rebecca: Oh No, I insist. Please, join me

Later that evening, Rebecca and Gary met up. They had a good time together. Gary told Rebecca that David was his best friend for many years. They used to have a grand time together as they liked to the exact same things. However, soon David started being weird with Gary and started putting distance between them. It was not long before he fell completely off the grid and vanished in thin air. This was Gary’s last attempt to re-connect. But now it seems David has actually gone away and wants nothing to do with Gary.

However, it did not take long for Gary to come out of the recollection mode. Rebecca and Gary hit it off very soon. Both being strikingly good looking just heightened the odds for each other. They realized that they had a lot in common and that led to the next step. Gradual flirting soon turned serious. Both of them turned out to be the exact same kind of people each were looking for as the proverbial “perfect partner”. The next morning found Gary fast asleep in Rebecca’s apartment.

Just before Gary woke up, a mail from Rebecca’s ID got deleted. It read

“Dear David,

Your operation has been successful. We hope you have a great life ahead”

Life is too tough for men who do not see it straight.


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