Finding True Love

From a very long time, she used to be fascinated of Mahadev. People who knew her used to wonder why she like someone so stoic. Some said she is crazy. Others said she is still a child and does not understand the reality of situations. They said she will come out of it when she faces reality. She could never understand the reason. But she always used to be mesmerized by Him. She knew that He is like a hermit, not someone who is romantic. Her friends advised her against this passion. She was known to be a hard-core romantic. They said she was being naive. This is not supposed to be. “Drop it. It is for your own good”, they said. But she never listed. She knew everything. But still she adored that fieriness in Him.

She used to imagine herself with Him. She used to talk to Him all the time and discuss all her issues with Him. She found herself to become more spiritual than religious when she worshiped Him. Although it could only be from a distance, she always adored Him to the point of being obsessed about Him. There were times when she felt that she just might even be in love with Him.

All those romance novels which she used to read reminded her of Him. He may not do all those but to feel those things for Him would be amazing, she wondered. He will never be romantic with her, she knew, but she also knew that He is very passionate about what or who He loved in His own way. His way may not be very vocal and descriptive, but it was still there and that is what mattered, she thought. Yes, she had never met Him, but when has THAT ever stopped an obsession to grow?

Then one day she met Him. It was a strange day. She interacted with Him for the first time. He reciprocated her passion, although not the obsession. She knew the second part would never happen, but the first was enough for her. She was finally living her dream. She was on Cloud 9. There was nothing more she wanted in her life. She felt she had it all. With Him, she felt Completed.

Gradually time flew and rose-tinted glasses soon turned into reality. The things she had earlier adored about Him started to bother her. She started craving for those romantic moments like normal people. She started craving for those “Mills-and-Boons” moments with him. When she told Him all this, He said it is not possible. “You knew what you were signing up for right from the start. What you are asking for is not something which you will get.”

She started feeling trapped. The more days passed, the more she felt she wanted to get out of the relationship. What she once loved so fiercely started haunting her days and nights now. At times she regretting taking this decision. She could not adjust with the reality she was so desperate for till some time back. She wished she could undo everything. Until it all changed one day.

One day, she left. Left with a goodbye to Him and on to her Romance. She traveled around the world and looked for that part which was missing in her life. She wanted to feel completed again. She did not know what she was missing but knew that she would realize it the moment it came in front of her. With that hope in her heart, she roamed far and wide. However, in all those moments, she missed Him terribly. Even though He was not there with her, she never felt free like she expected to feel. But she kept that aside when she remembered how unhappy she was with Him. “He was never the right one for me. My right one is still out there. I just need to find him”.

And one day she did. After a long day of roaming around, one evening, she felt terribly tried and halted at a place for rest. There she felt a strange affinity towards a particular rest house and gravitated towards that place. She went there and immediately came face-to-face with a huge statue – a statue of Mahadev. She was stunned and blank for a long time, just staring at the statue and wondering. Everything about her life came flashing back to her. It was like the statue was talking to her. She heard everything others had ever told her, and she also remembered her own justifications in face of those objections.

And that is when it hit her. How wrong she was! Nothing else has changed in her life, except her. She had everything in her life, which she wanted. It is just that She has changed. She had deviated from who she was as a person and what she had wanted to what was being asked for in society. She had forgotten that societal norms had never mattered to her. She was always a free spirit, always wanting to rise above materialistic things. And only He could complement that nature of hers. She could only ever be happy with Him, Her Mahadev. His stoic nature, his non-disclosing love, his steady support – those were the only things that could ever complete her. He was her The One.

Thankfully she had only gone on a tour with her friends, and not taken off permanently like she had originally wanted to do. She ran back right to Him and He welcomed her back with open arms and with those warm love which she had initially adored. And in that welcome hug, a moment stretched into an eternity. Realization dawned on her. She felt herself undergoing some changes. And then she became Her for Him, the part He was wanting for all His life – His Other Half! Ardhangini


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