B for Beyond

Beautiful Scenery flying by, she was lost in her thoughts. All of her life was flashing by along with the scenery in front of eyes. She was enjoying both the shows.

“What is such a lovely lady doing sitting alone here?” The voice startled her out of her reverie and she looked at the handsome man sitting across her. For some reason, she blushed. But she being a lady, tried her best to not show it on her face and reverted with annoyance. “It is not becoming of a gentleman to flirt so shamelessly with a lady”.

He smiled. The fieriness in her was as much endearing as her smartness and beauty. ” I just wanted to say that such a beautiful lady should not be sitting alone. I did not mean to flirt with you or make you angry like this”.

She fell silent at this. Many more scenes crossed her mind and even more unanswered questions come up. She could not figure out the next step and looked at him with sad eyes. Seeing her like this, his smile went and he became more sober.

“Why did you do this to me, Jack? Why did you go and leave me alone”

“I never left you, Rebecca, not really. You have always said our love would remain even if I left you, didn’t you? So that means you cannot complain now.” His mischievous smile was back.

It annoyed her. “This is not fair, Jack. You cannot twist my words against me. You left me and hurt me so much in the process. I cannot forgive you so easily for that”

“I am not asking you to forgive me. I am just telling you that I will not forget you even if you are not with me. My love for you is eternal. I know you know it and so, I need not go ahead to prove it.”

“But I hate you. I hate you for all that you did to me. I hate you for all the pain that I went through because of you and am still going through. You were very selfish and you do not get to be so smug about it.”

“But why are you hurting? You are not alone. There is someone else who loves you so much more than I could ever do. He has never shied away from giving you anything that you need. You are very well taken care of. Honestly, I do not think you have anything to complain about. “

She thought about Harry and felt the warm feeling of love inside her. Yes she loved him. And he loved her to bits. There was never a moment of complain he has ever given her. But that hadn’t made her forget Jack. In so many ways, Harry always reminded her of Jack. Her Jack. That was always how she thought of him.

“Yes, I have Harry now. But you know it will never be the same without you. No one can take your place in my life, not even Harry.” She looked outside again, but not seeing, just thinking.

He smiled a sad smile and looked outside. Soon, her station had come. He saw Harry waiting for her at the station. But he did not want her to leave, so he did not call her to present. When Rebecca did not come out, Harry got in the train looking for her. When he found her lost in her thoughts, he sat beside her and put his hand on her. When she looked at him, she had misty eyes. He smiled at her, the smile that she always loved.

“Thinking about dad? It is OK, you know, to miss him. We do, too.”

She smiled at her son but could not hold back her tears. Her darling son loved her so much, but can anyone fill in the space her husband vacated? Her husband for more than 50 years had left her behind less than a year back and went for heavenly adobe. But he always visits her from Beyond just to check on her – like he did a while back. She looked across at the now-empty seat and sighed. She will be looking forward to that time when she, too, will forsake these earthly life and join her partner in the After Life. In the meanwhile, she could feel his smile from the other side, waiting for her to join him.

Out of Your Reach


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