C for Cab Ride

Prompt: Your character gets on a taxi and tells the driver to take him/her to the airport. But the driver has his/her own ideas about where they are headed…

Rebecca was very much annoyed. It was Valentine’s Day and yet, Jack had not called her even once. They had an argument two days back and it had ended with her declaring the end of relationship. Jack did not bother to convince her otherwise. Fed up with all that, she just walked out of their apartment. Today she was scheduled to go for a business trip for 15 days and Jack’s call was yet to come. This would be the first time she will be travelling without resolving an argument between them. But then, she thought, I have already ended the relationship with him. So it should not matter, right?

But it did. Nothing would be the same without Jack. Even though still she was very angry with Jack, the love for him was still there in her. No one would ever replace Jack. Even if she said that she wanted out of the relationship, it was just in a fit of anger. She did not mean it. She thought he would come and convince her. But that did not happen. Now she felt like all hopes are lost on their relationship. Tough as it be, she might just have to move on. This Valentine’s day, she wanted to discuss marriage with Jack.  But the person, with whom she was sure to spend the rest of her life with, had decided to part ways very early into the relationship.

It was too much foggy when she stepped out of her apartment to hail a cab. Strangely, a cab came right up to her and she got in. It was a long way for the airport and soon, she drifted off into the past. It was three years back that they had met. Although it wasn’t love at first sight for her, it was so for Jack and he had officially asked her out soon after. Something in her had made saying “Yes” to him very easy and it did not take much time for Rebecca to realize that she had miraculously found true love. They were nothing like each other, but the love they shared was immense. From the time they had met till two days back, not a moment had gone where love had diminished between both of them. Now it seems Jack had given up on her and Rebecca felt terribly sad about where fate had brought her.

Talking of being brought, Rebecca suddenly felt like she was going in a different direction. She was looking out of the window of the cab, and it did not feel like they were on the way to the airport. In fact it very much looked like they were half way out of the city. Rebecca panicked. There were a lot of incidents heard around of various unfortunate incidents happening to girls in cabs. But she had never imagined herself in such a situation. She thought to scream but there were very few cars nearby and it was still very foggy, so no one would hear her. She immediately thought of Jack and tried calling him. But his phone was switched off. She did not know what to do.

Keeping a calm face, she asked the driver, “Excuse me, I think you might have a taken a wrong turn. This road does not go to the airport. Can you please switch on the GPS and get on the right track? I might miss my flight due to this delay”. On hearing this, the cab driver stopped. When she looked outside, she found herself to be at the exact spot she had always loved; a waterfall just outside the city where she and Jack always used to come. It was the perfect mixture of scenic and romantic.

“I had always been thinking of a perfect place to do this and no one place came to my mind than this one. Isn’t this place the one you always loved? Now it shall have another beautiful memory to hold.” Hearing Jack’s voice, Rebecca was shocked. Taking off the driver’s cap, Jack got out of the cab and came to open to her door. Still very much dazed, she got out of the cab and followed him to their favorite spot under a tree right next to the waterfall. She was still looking at him wonderstruck when he got out a small box from his pocket and got down on one knee.

Nothing would have prepared her for this cab ride. Tears rolled down her cheeks and a small smile started forming on her lips. Seeing her, his eyes also teared up while he uttered those magic 4 words: Will you marry me? Demons and dragons would not have been able to stop her from saying Yes. Jack slipped the large rock on her delicate fingers and lovingly looked in her eyes.

“All my life, I have never found someone more wonderful and beautiful than you. Our small fights and arguments may or may not continue, but my love for you shall never decrease. The commitment we have for each other surpasses all the discords between us. Our love shall remain an eternal blooming flower. Till the end of time and back”


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2 Responses to C for Cab Ride

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  2. Pragati says:

    So beautiful. Loved the story and your thoughts.


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