J for Jealousy

Prompt: Your character is in the middle of a messy divorce.  His/her divorce lawyer has advised him/her not to move out of the house because doing so could negatively affect his/her divorce settlement.  His/her spouse likewise refuses to move out, so the two are still living together.  When your character starts a new romantic relationship, this complicated arrangement becomes even more complicated…

Hate is strong word to be used for anyone. But that is what I felt for my ex-wife. And no matter what I did, she refused to let go of me. So much so that even divorce did not make me free from her. The duration of being married to her was enough to make me hate womankind in the entirety. Yes, others may say not everyone will be like Helen and I agree to that. But it is also said that a burnt child dreads fire. And that is what happened to me.

But what do I do now? We are divorced but she still refuses to leave my home, claiming she contributed in building this home and therefore has equal rights to live here. I even bribed her with alimony, the amount which covered my entire salary but still she refuses. Every day she wakes up and gives me a smile which creeps the hell out of me. I just wish this phase gets over and I come out of this. And that is when I thought of something.

I convinced a colleague of mine to act as my girlfriend and start coming home. It took a bit of convincing her that I did not intend to do anything with her, to make her agree to my plan. I had to make Helen JEALOUS.

So she started coming every day in the evening with me. I made it a point to not introduce her to my wife but also ensured that she saw us going to our bedroom every day. Sometimes she used to come out of my bedroom dressed in negligee (she wanted to improvise if that would help) and parade in front of Helen just to rub in the point. But somehow, every time, Helen just used to give this smile – this crazy smile that used to drive me up the walls. Even my colleague sometimes confessed to getting creeped up with her smile. But I told her to ignore. This time, I was hell bent of breaking Helen, come what may.

One morning, I woke up to a weird burning smell coming from the bathroom. Thinking I might have left my cigarette burning last night, I ran to the bathroom. But I found a weird bright pink colored tank top burning in the tub. It was something I had never seen before so I could not understand where it came from. But our tub was right next to a window which was open. So I assumed it must have been dropped by the tenants living above us. Although it was a very improbable case, that was better than the other alternative of having to ask Helen. I did not even want to see her, forget talking about her.

So after dousing the fire, I went ahead to get ready for work. The day was a hectic one and I did not have time to even have lunch, so when the day was over, I was surprised to see my colleague not at her desk. We were supposed to pretend to go on a date and go back home late together. She would have informed me if she was going to bail out. I asked around and found that she had not come to work at all. Although it was a bit surprising, I thought maybe she was not well and pushed it out of my mind.

A while later, the alarm in our office went off and we were all asked to assemble in the common area. I went there and found police waiting for us. The police were talking about a murder that happened earlier today. A woman was found murdered and chopped to pieces in her apartment. No murder weapon was found and if it was not for her own home, she would never have been identified. They were showing a photograph of her and the less gruesome part of the crime scene.

My blood ran cold when I saw the photo. It was of my colleague, wearing her bright pink pajamas and right next to her leg was a note – “If not mine, then no one else!”.


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