L for Leap

She could never get him out of her mind. No matter what she used to do, his were the thoughts that always clouded her mind. At work, at home, with friends or family – be it anyone she would be with, she would still be thinking about him. But he was unachievable. He was out of her reach. She tried to move on. She got married to someone else. Her husband was a very caring man. She convinced herself she could get over him. But then, her dreams stared getting filled up with him.

And then she thought, why not? She started thinking about him – in detail. She started picturing him – what he was wearing, who he was talking to, what job he does, who are his friends, his family, his likes and dislikes. She ignored the rest of the world and focused only on him. She talked about him, wrote about him, dream about him and even started seeing him around her. She became obsessed with him.

Finally, after a long struggle, she published her book. It was a brilliant detective novel and people loved her work. And that was when he finally smiled at her – the detective who was trapped in her head was finally out. Her imagination finally got a release. She took the LEAP from the normal person that she was expected to be and became who she was meant to be – a writer.


About devinair

A thinker, dreamer, ponderer, I love to think of things which normally people wouldn't. These thoughts are put into words for the world to read through my blogs. Do feel free to comment on them If you like to read, do feel free to go through my book reviews to help you select the next best book to read. Follow the link http://theverdictsout.wordpress.com
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