N for Nose Ring

The day her mom got pierced, she was there. It had all started with her grandmother insisting that all the married women of the house had wear nose rings. it was apparently a tradition. Her mom did not want to do it. She was afraid of the pain.

Navya saw her mother cry out in pain just to have a shiny object plant itself on her nose. Since then, every time she saw that ring, it used to make her terribly sad.

Through the years, Navya’s mom struggled to give her a decent life. Basic things like education was a fight as their tradition did not allow women to receive education. When they did not get any support at home, her mother used to stitch clothes and sell to make money for Navya.

Today, sitting in the flight with her mom by her side, she finally feels like the Princess that her mom wanted her to feel. Of course, her mom is sitting right next to her in the Business class and made to feel like the Queen that she always was for Navya. Navya was taking her mother on a world tour and then to settle with her in Denmark, where Navya’s business has expanded. The Nose Ring rests happily on Navya’s ring finger. It no longer gives her any pain. Mother’s day had never felt better.


About devinair

A thinker, dreamer, ponderer, I love to think of things which normally people wouldn't. These thoughts are put into words for the world to read through my blogs. Do feel free to comment on them If you like to read, do feel free to go through my book reviews to help you select the next best book to read. Follow the link http://theverdictsout.wordpress.com
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