P for Phone call

Every day Trishala used to get a call on her office landline. The call used to come at the same time each day and there used to be an old lady at the other end of the line asking for Puneet. Trishala had no idea who Puneet was and every day she used to tell the lady that it was a wrong number. Since she was an old lady, Trishala didn’t have the heart to be rude with her for calling everyday.

At night, during her daily calls to her mom, she used to tell about this call. Then they used to discuss about the plights of abandoned parents and the children who do so.

That day it was slightly different. The call was unexpected. When the phone rang, Trishala picked it up to tell the old lady there was no Puneet here. But instead there was a younger one at the other side – a sterner one. The old lady had heard a phone ring. She ran to the phone thinking it was Puneet finally. The running did not go well. She tumbled down the stairs and is now critical in the hospital. If at all there was a Puneet there, please tell him his mother has very little chance of recovery.

The phone froze in Trishala’s hands. It was a few moments before she could speak. And then it was the address of the hospital that she asked for. Puneet might not understand. He might not even care. But at that moment, Trishala saw her mom in that old lady. She did not wish for her to die alone.

That day, those persistent phone calls gave an old lady a companion during her last days.


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