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K for Key

Martha never goes out. So it was a surprise to Miranda when Martha came to her one day as requested that she house sits for her while she visits some of her relative. Martha had moved next to her some … Continue reading

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I for Impulse

Prompt – On a foreign holiday, your character meets an extremely attractive man or woman.  They don’t speak the same language, but they somehow find a way to understand each other, and your character feels a powerful connection that s/he … Continue reading

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G for Gift

Prompt – This year, your character resolves to get organized.  While she is sorting through papers in her house, she discovers an expensive insurance policy that her husband has taken out on her life.  Why has he done that?  And … Continue reading

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F for Fate

Prompt – Every evening, when she goes to the parking garage of her office building, your character finds a new love note tucked under the windshield wipers of her car.  These love notes are very beautiful and fill your character … Continue reading

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C for Cab Ride

Prompt: Your character gets on a taxi and tells the driver to take him/her to the airport. But the driver has his/her own ideas about where they are headed… Rebecca was very much annoyed. It was Valentine’s Day and yet, … Continue reading

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Finding True Love

From a very long time, she used to be fascinated of Mahadev. People who knew her used to wonder why she like someone so stoic. Some said she is crazy. Others said she is still a child and does not … Continue reading

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